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2 in 1 Electric Bug Zapper | WBM SMART

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  • Hands-free bug zapper that zaps mosquitoes instantly, safely and humanely: WBM SMART Mosquito Killer Racket uses a high-voltage electric grid to zap mosquitoes instantly. This is a safe and humane way to kill mosquitoes, as it does not involve any chemicals or fumes. The racket also has a safety net to prevent accidental contact with the electric grid.
  • Easy to clean and use, indoors and outdoors, without any harmful chemicals or fumes: WBM SMART Mosquito Killer Racket is easy to clean and use indoors and outdoors. The single-layer design with LED lights makes cleaning simple after each use. The racket is also lightweight and portable to take with you on camping trips or other outdoor adventures. Because the racket is chemical-free, there are no harmful chemicals or fumes to worry about.
  • Attracts mosquitoes with purple light trap without being disruptive or annoying to people or pets: WBM SMART Mosquito Killer Racket uses a purple light trap to attract mosquitoes. The light is not visible to humans or pets, so it is not disruptive or annoying. The mosquitoes are attracted to the light and then come into contact with the racket's electric grid, where they are instantly killed.
  • Chemical-free, eco-friendly, and safe for the whole family, including babies and toddlers: WBM SMART Mosquito Killer Racket is chemical-free and eco-friendly. It does not use harmful chemicals or fumes, making it safe for children and pets. The racket is also safe for use around babies and toddlers.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, with a money-back policy if you are not happy with the product: WBM SMART Mosquito Killer Racket is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the product, simply return it for a full refund.

High Voltage Bug Zapper with Three-Layered Mesh

Electric Fly Swatter is an efficient tool that makes getting rid of bugs a breeze! This hands-free device is an incredibly convenient two-in-one solution - you can use it without holding it. With its powerful high-volt electric bug zapper, WBM Smart Fly Swatter is the perfect answer for getting rid of pesky insects. Moreover, it is battery-operated and can be swiftly and effortlessly charged using any USB charger. With the Electric Fly Swatter, you won't have to worry about consistently changing batteries.
USB Charging and Long Battery Life Fly Zapper
Electric fly swatter is a must-have household item for removing pesky flying insects, including venomous ones. This cutting-edge device can be effortlessly charged via USB and boasts a long-lasting battery life. In addition to its on/off function, the device's button has a variety of other functions. Premium batteries power the electric zapper, and the switch creates an electrical current that passes through the metal grid on top of the device. We take our customers' health very seriously, so we have ensured that no harmful chemicals or radiation are used in the device. For optimal usage duration, charging the product for 12 hours after unboxing is recommended to charge the battery fully.

Rechargeable Electric Fly swatter and Safe to Touch

WBM High Voltage fly swatter is the perfect rechargeable electric option that can be used anywhere and anytime. This battery-operated tool is cordless and features a layered safety mesh design that guarantees high voltage current is always a threat to flies and insects. The electric fly swatter has a tennis-style design that enables quick and efficient swatting of flies. The fly swatter is made from durable ABS material, ensuring long-lasting quality and easy operation with simple hand contact.
Enjoy the Outdoor Events with WBM Fly Swatter
WBM Smart Bug Zapper is a reliable indoor and outdoor pest control solution that eliminates the need for unsightly stickers and harsh sprays. This innovative device ensures the safety of you and your loved ones by protecting against health hazards caused by insects. The zapper is designed to be lightweight, compact, and portable, making it the perfect companion for trips. With the electric fly insect swatter, you can swiftly zap insects anywhere, whether camping, hiking, or having a picnic with your family.

Get the WBM SMART Ultra Protective Outdoor Bug Zapper to keep pesky outdoor bugs

WBM Electric Racket multifunctional hand grip is a cutting-edge product for various purposes. It is a universal tool you can conveniently detach and carry while traveling. In addition to its primary function as a hand grip, it doubles up as a flashlight in emergencies. The protective grid that comes with it prevents shocks, making it a safe and reliable tool. One of the unique features of this multifunctional hand grip is its Electric fly swatter. This cutting-edge technology is perfect for pest control, as it can easily zap flying insects. Whether indoors or outdoors, this multifunctional hand grip is the perfect solution for keeping your surroundings free from pesky insects. With its multifunctional capabilities and cutting-edge technology, this hand grip is a worthwhile investment you won't regret.

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