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Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp 5-7 Lbs | HIMALAYAN GLOW

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  • Himalayan Salt Masterpiece: Handcrafted from authentic Himalayan salt crystals for a unique and exquisite appearance.

  • Antibacterial Neem Wood Base: Supported by a 100% natural Neem wood base with natural antibacterial properties.
  • Customizable Ambiance: Features a patented dimmer switch to adjust brightness, allowing you to set the perfect mood.
  • Certified Safety: Certified to meet UL safety standards, ensuring peace of mind while enjoying its warm glow.
  • Versatile Illumination: Ideal for various spaces, from cozy bedrooms to serene office environments, emitting a soothing amber ambiance.

    salt lamp

    Experience the Authenticity of Handmade Himalayan Salt Lamps from Pakistan!

    The WBM Himalayan salt lamp is a true work of art, boasting not only an exquisite appearance but also a myriad of benefits. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, salt lamps have the power to enhance your sense of beauty. What sets our product apart is the use of the finest Himalayan pink salt, surpassing the quality of our competitors. We take meticulous care in packaging our lights to ensure they reach you in pristine condition. Our customers have showered us with love for both our products and excellent service, and we've proudly sold hundreds of lamps.

    Customize Your Glow:

    With the salt lamp's dimmer control switch, you can easily adjust its brightness to suit your mood. Whether you desire a radiant glow for reading and relaxation, a gentle luminescence to lull you into a peaceful slumber, or anything in between, you have the flexibility to select the perfect setting.

    Key Features:

    • 100% Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
    • Each lamp is a unique piece of art
    • Handcrafted with precision
    • Equipped with a Dimmer Switch
    • Rests on a Neem Wooden Base
    • Note: Due to the Natural Variation of Salt, size, shape, and color may vary

      salt lamp

      Hand-Carved Himalayan Salt Lamps: Unveil the Natural Beauty - The Ideal Gift:

      Discover some of the finest Himalayan salt lamps available, all courtesy of Himalayan Glow. These captivating nightlights, often referred to as "Himalayan salt lamps," are painstakingly crafted from salt crystals extracted by hand from the Himalayan Mountains, ensuring their individuality. These salt crystals exhibit an uneven, rough exterior and a natural pink hue when unlit. However, when the built-in 15-watt bulb is illuminated, they emit a warm and inviting amber glow. Importantly, you can even adjust the bulb's color, allowing you to create various lighting atmospheres.

      Versatile Lighting for Every Space:

      These salt lamps are more than mere light fixtures; they can be placed anywhere in your home to infuse a sense of serenity and beauty. Whether adorning coffee tables, bedside stands, or desktops, these pink salt lamps, perched gracefully on their circular Neem wooden bases, bring a touch of nature to your surroundings. Utilize them as soothing bedside lamps, set the mood for a romantic evening, place them in a child's room as nightlights, position them near your television or computer, or adorn your workspace. They effortlessly elevate your coffee table or office space by bathing it in a warm, comforting, and serene amber radiance.

      himalayan salt lamp

      Elevating Your Living Space with Himalayan Beauty:

      Imagine the pristine beauty of the Himalayas encapsulated within a lamp. When these lamps are lit, they exude a mesmerizing and almost primordial glow—a fusion of the warmth of a sunset and the captivating allure of molten lava. This unique source of light creates a calming effect that has entranced all who have encountered it. Many find solace in sitting beside these salt lamps, describing the experience as soothing and relaxing. Some even use them as aids to sleep or as gentle nightlights. These lamps make exceptional gifts for friends, loved ones, and family members, seamlessly fitting into almost any room or occasion. Be it special moments like Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, Thanksgiving, graduations, or anniversaries, these lamps stand as cherished and thoughtful gift choices. Handcrafted from termite-free and corrosion-resistant Neem wood sourced from Pakistan, they serve as the perfect complement to salt lamps, adding an exquisite touch to your decor.

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