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3D Galaxy Lamp with Wood Stand | HIMALAYAN GLOW

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Galaxy Lamp, LED 3D Star Moon Light | HIMALAYAN GLOW

  • Magic Star Moon Light: Making the 3D effect of the moon's surface based on astronomical data by NASA satellite. Color drawing craft make the galaxy lamp colorful and gorgeous. When the light is turn on, galaxy lamp seems to be in the splendid galaxy. As the color and perspective change, lamp presents a magical and colorful color
  • Remote and Touch Control: Touch the metal ring to switch 7 color, remote control to switch 16 colors remote control dimming. And galaxy lamp also supports one color or colorful automatic conversion.
  • Long-lasting Battery(300mAh): Built-in USB rechargeable battery, galaxy lamp is easy to carry. And can normally use during charging (3 hours fully charging, 4-12 hours of use, depends on its brightness
  • Cool Decorative Lamp: This night light moon lamp can use as decorative light, child lamp, night lights. Colorful color changes give children a feeling of novelty transformation, perfect as children/kids room decorative and special occasion
  • Perfect Gift Choice: The colorful star sky 3D effect gives people unlimited imagination to the universe or distant galaxies. Galaxy lamp could be treated as an excellent gift for children kid’s baby

 Galaxy Lamp

Galaxy Lamp - Illuminate Your World with Cosmic Charm

Introducing the Galaxy Moon Night Light Lamp, a source of not just light but also endless fun and joy. This lamp is as sturdy as it is captivating, making it perfect for playful interactions. It can withstand short falls without a scratch, making it an ideal choice for kids. The glowing sphere will enchant your children and bring a smile to their faces. What's more, with the Galaxy Lamp, you can experience the soothing ambiance of both a lava lamp and a moon lamp.

Discover the Beauty of Galaxies at Home:

Galaxies, with their vastness and beauty, house billions of stars and planets. The Galaxy Lamp brings this celestial beauty right into your living space. Its soft, colorful light paints a mesmerizing galaxy on your walls, creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or simply need some me-time, the Galaxy Moon Lamp is the ideal companion. Its incredibly realistic design transports you under the starry skies, providing a unique way to relax and recharge.

Different color lamp

LED 3D Galaxy Lamp with 16 colors

Different Color Options: The LED 3D Galaxy Lamp offers a palette of 16 colors. You can effortlessly switch between them by touching the metal ring or use the convenient remote control for color selection and dimming. It also supports automatic color cycling or a single-color display.
Versatile Lighting: This electric LED motion night décor lamp presents a magical and colorful display as colors and perspectives shift. It's perfect for nightlights, party ambiance, and living room illumination. It's a thoughtful choice for holiday gifts, Christmas presents, and birthdays. Whether you're fascinated by marine life or the underwater world, this lamp is a captivating addition to your desk.
Long-lasting Battery: The Galaxy Lamp features a built-in USB rechargeable battery with impressive durability. It can operate for 2-3 hours while charging, providing 8-24 hours of continuous use. Its varied, soft, and dimmable colors cater to both adults and children. Keep it connected for extended lighting needs. It also evokes the soothing charm of a lava lamp and a moon lamp.

Night Light Lamp

Night Light Lamp - Galaxy Moon Lamp with Warm Night Light:

The included wooden stand not only ensures easy assembly but also prevents the lamp from rolling around. You won't need to worry about unstable positioning. Additionally, it enhances the lamp's overall stylish appearance, providing night light reminiscent of a moon lamp.

Versatile Decoration:

The Himalayan Glow Galaxy Lamp is versatile and adaptable to various settings. It's suitable for bedrooms, offices, restaurants, and wherever you desire a touch of cosmic beauty. Whether you choose to use it as a moon lamp, floor lamp, desk lamp, table lamp, bedside lamp, baby night light, or a decorative piece at parties, it fits seamlessly. The Galaxy Lamp offers the same versatility as lava lamps and moon lamps.

cool lamp

A Unique Gift for Nature Lovers:

Searching for a distinctive home décor gift? Look no further than the Galaxy Moon Lamp! It casts an ethereal, otherworldly glow, perfect for creating a magical atmosphere. Beyond Halloween, it adds a touch of enchantment to any space and serves as a delightful night light for kids. With the Galaxy Lamp, you can bask in the gentle moonlight at any time, right in the comfort of your home.

This lamp is a perfect gift for nature enthusiasts and those who appreciate unique home décor. It's an ideal present for birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day. The Galaxy Lamp's ability to set a comfortable and romantic mood makes it a captivating decoration for bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants, cafes, parties, and weddings. Its colorful display is a superb addition to any home décor and a wonderful conversation starter. Gift a piece of the universe with the Galaxy Moon Lamp - a treasure for any occasion!

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