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Super Kernel Basmati Rice - 10 lbs | HIMALAYAN CHEF

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basmati rice

Extra Long Grain Premium Aromatic Himalayan Basmati Super Kernel Rice

Basmati, which translates as "full of aroma," comes from the Hindi words "mati," which mean "full of" and "aroma," respectively. Basmati rice is distinguished by its extra-long grains, excessive lengthening throughout the grain's length when cooking, soft, fluffy texture, and pleasant aroma. The Basmati rice's unusually long, fluffy grains are naturally aromatic and matured for over 24 months to provide the ideal non-sticky texture and delicate, sweet flavor. GMO-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, and fat-free are all attributes of the white basmati rice. When cooked, the grain remains distinct, allowing sauces to flavor each grain separately. Traditional Basmati rice produces such a great dish because it cooks with less water absorption. Extra-long grain Basmati rice from the Himalayan Chef will give every dish a better flavor and level of perfection. In any recipe, including paella and fried rice, basmati rice can be substituted for regular rice, giving your food a distinctively unique flavor. Although it is frequently used to prepare biryanis, curries, and stir-fries and is excellent for side dishes, Basmati rice may be used for a variety of other recipes.

basmati rice

Himalayan Sourced

The best grain quality, Himalayan Chef has extra-long grains with rich aromas. Our Basmati rice comes from the Himalayan foothills and is 100 percent real. Unlike other types of rice, it is not sticky. The Himalayan foothills are the only place to find true, authentic basmati rice. This remarkable, aromatic grain is produced in this region by the perfect symbiosis of a temperate climate, fertile soil, and pure mountain spring water.


Himalayan Chef Bags all have a top slider zipper to keep freshness in. Freshness Guaranteed. There is no need to change the containers once you have removed the rice you need and can just reseal the bag to store it away or on the shelf. Additionally, because our bags are reusable, you may use them once the rice is completed to store other foods like lentils or beans.

Premium Quality

Each grain is meticulously chosen from the Himalayan highlands. Harvested in the Himalayan foothills, it expands lengthwise and becomes fluffy when cooked. Our objective is to provide people with wholesome food products.

basmati rice

Himalayan Chef is renowned for their selection of top-notch basmati!

Himalayan Chef is well known for its selection of Basmati rice of the highest grade. All of our basmati rice is cholesterol-free, soy-free, low in salt, and without added oil. All varieties have a delicious flavor, are adaptable for usage in a variety of dishes, and most have an alluring aroma that is characteristic of Punjab-grown Basmati rice from Pakistan. Additionally, all basmati rice is non-sticky, which means that it is always fluffy and doesn't stick after cooking. Due to the slim & robust grains for effortless cooking, the rice is simple to make. Additionally, our 10-pound (4.53 kg) large resealable bag has a top-slider zipper that makes it simple to store and keep the grains fresh.


Because of the advantages to one's health that Himalayan Chef provides, it is one of the best products that consumers can purchase. All of our flavors are SOY FREE, VEGAN, HALAL, GLUTEN-FREE, NON-GMO, CHOLESTEROL-FREE, & NON-SOY. Additionally, we DO NOT add any artificial flavoring, colors, or preservatives to our rice. With a U.S.D., our HEALTH RANGE is also quite distinctive.A low GI organic variety for diabetics that has undergone specific processing.

Extra Long Grain

The rice grain is so high-quality that it increases by more than twofold when cooked. Additionally, the grain is thin, doesn't stick after cooking, and maintains its fluffiness.

basmati rice; himalayan basmati rice


Rice comes in every natural form and is gluten-free. For those who have celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder brought on by gluten, or who are sensitive to or allergic to gluten—a protein often found in wheat, barley, and rye—natural rice is a fantastic alternative.

Easy To Digest

The ease of digestion of white rice is well recognized. It is easy on the stomach because it is low in fat and fiber. Because white rice has no gastrointestinal side effects, many athletes choose it over brown rice.

Promotes Healthy Weight Gain

If consumed in conjunction with a diet that isn't as nutrient-dense, rice may cause weight gain, but if eaten as part of a diet that is, it can aid in weight management.

Perfect for All Meals

Through cuisine, we hope to uplift our communities, respect nature, and celebrate cultural diversity. We have many types of rice, including long-grain white rice and regular rice. This rice can be used to make a variety of cuisines, such as Lebanese rice, rice with curries, Biryani, Pulao, and many more.

Taste & Aged

To allow the exquisite, organic flavor and aroma of the grain to emerge, Himalayan Chef basmati rice is meticulously matured for at least 24 months. Any meal will be improved by its non-sticky texture and delicate, sweet flavor.

basmati rice 10 lbs; white basmati rice; brown basmati rice

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