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Selenite Crystal Tower 10cm - 3 Pcs | HIMALAYAN GLOW

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  • Selenite skyscraper tower: Made with natural gypsum crystal to remove negative energy and cleanse the mind and body.
  • Purifies and protects: Emits all energy blockages from the body and protects against disease.
  • Calming and relaxing: Creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere in the home and promotes mental clarity and deep peace.
  • Perfect gift: A perfect gift for loved ones for any occasion.
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee: We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for your satisfaction.
  • Natural variation: Due to the natural variation of selenite, the size, shape, and color of each tower may vary.

Selenite tower 3 pack

WBM Selenite Crystal Tower: A Modern Marvel

At WBM, we craft contemporary white selenite towers designed to complement a variety of styles and personalities. Our white selenite standing towers are renowned for their exceptional soothing, calming, and healthful properties. Selenite, the key component, boasts the ability to enhance mental clarity, mental flexibility, and decision-making while also calming the physical and mental aspects of energy obstructions. Moreover, selenite possesses the remarkable capacity to clear and strengthen the energies of other stones nearby. Placing this bedside tower in your space can infuse a sense of tranquility, providing deep inner peace and clarity. It emanates a high vibration known for its healing attributes. The crystal's color is influenced by its mineral content. Our master craftsmen, with a combined experience of over 80 years working with the exquisite material of selenite, meticulously hand-carve each tower to perfection. These selenite towers can be placed in any area to help neutralize negative energies and establish a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Selenite crystal

The Natural Wonder of Selenite

Selenite Towers are meticulously crafted from the naturally occurring clear or opaque form of gypsum crystal. Their unique structure allows light to pass through with ease, creating a warm and inviting glow. To achieve the desired tower shape, the selenite is carved from its natural state, utilizing the stone's natural cleavage surfaces. Each selenite tower is a one-of-a-kind piece that offers immense benefits for mental well-being.

Home decor

Unlocking the Potential of Selenite

Selenite boasts one of the highest vibrations among all minerals. It is revered for its calming influence, instilling deep peace and making it an ideal companion for meditation and spiritual practices. Selenite can also be utilized to establish a protective energy grid around your home, creating a sanctuary shielded from external disturbances. Its historical use includes promoting heightened awareness and fostering an environment of tranquility. Selenite is known for enhancing mental clarity and is particularly conducive to meditation.

Skyscraper Selenite tower

Here are some of the primary healing benefits associated with selenite crystals:

Promotes peace and calm

Provides clarity

Clears blocked energy

Elevates the spirit

Facilitates access to your intuition

Serves as an effective space cleanser

Vibrates at a very high frequency

Promotes connection and camaraderie

Enhances manifestation abilities

Selenite tower 1

Incorporating Selenite into Your Space

Selenite offers a multitude of ways to harness its healing potential. You can place a piece at each of the four corners of your home to dispel negativity and fortify your space against external influences. Additionally, wearing or carrying selenite as a personal protective talisman is a popular choice.

If you seek to use selenite for accessing information from past lives or connecting with higher realms, meditation with this crystal can be a profoundly transformative experience.

Furthermore, selenite serves as a captivating addition to any environment. When thoughtfully placed in your home, office, or healing space, it radiates protection and positive energy. For those in pursuit of high-quality selenite specimens from Morocco, look no further than Crystal Allies. Explore our online shop today to discover the perfect piece for your needs.

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