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Selenite Crystal Lamp 25 cm | HIMALAYAN GLOW

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  • Selenite: A pure gypsum crystal stone that is said to remove negative energy and cleanse the mind.
  • Selenite Lamp Light Waves: Can help to sober the mind, stabilize the emotional body, and promote deep peace.
  • Selenite Recharging Crystals: Can help to remove energy blockages in the body, create a calm and peaceful environment, and may help to guard against epileptic seizures.
  • Selenite Lamp Placement: Place it in any area or space to help neutralize negative energies and create a calm and peaceful environment.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand behind our products and listen to our customers. If you are not satisfied with your selenite lamp for any reason, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Natural Variation: Due to the natural variation of selenite, the size, shape, and color of your lamp may vary.


Unveiling the Fascinating History of Selenite Crystal Stone

Selenite crystals have held a special place in human culture for millennia. The ancient Greeks, inspired by its moon-like, pearly white appearance, bestowed upon it the name "selenite," drawing a parallel between its radiance and that of the moon. In the annals of ancient civilizations, including the Greeks, there was a belief that certain transparent crystals, selenite being a prominent example, waxed and waned in luminosity with the phases of the moon. Since the 15th century, the term "selenite" has been employed to describe the distinct crystallized form of gypsum found in crystalline masses or transparent crystals.

Transparent selenite crystals were once even used as a substitute for window glass. Additionally, selenite crystals found their place in ornamental applications. However, owing to their inherent fragility, they never gained prominence in industrial uses.

Selenite, a mineral form of gypsum also referred to as Satin Spar, is more commonly known as selenite. It represents the hydrous calcium sulfate form of gypsum. The identity of selenite is deeply intertwined with Selene, the Greek moon goddess, symbolizing the purity of light and good fortune. Selenite plays a pivotal role in removing the obstacles that hinder the flow of energy, aiding in unblocking the energetic field. Furthermore, it is instrumental in dispelling emotional turmoil and the associated confusion, serving as a powerful tool to activate individual chakra energies.

At WBM, we are dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge crystal items and decor, aimed at enhancing the uniqueness and aesthetic appeal of your home and garden.

Natural White Lamp

Natural White Lamp - Himalayan Glow Selenite Crystal Lamp

Himalayan Glow has introduced a modern and versatile range of white crystal lamps designed to harmonize with diverse styles and personal tastes. These standing selenite lamps encapsulate the well-known calming, soothing, and health-enhancing attributes associated with selenite. The selenite table lamp emits a warm amber glow, casting a calming effect. Selenite, renowned for promoting mental clarity, enhancing mental agility, facilitating decision-making, and dissolving energy obstructions in both the physical and mental realms, takes center stage in these lamps. Selenite crystals possess the unique ability to cleanse and fortify the energy of neighboring stones. Placing a selenite bedside lamp in your space can engender tranquility and clarity, owing to its exceptionally high vibrational frequency, making it an excellent choice for healing purposes. The color of the crystal is influenced by its mineral composition, ensuring each lamp is a one-of-a-kind piece.

Our master craftsmen, with over 80 years of combined experience in working with the exquisite material of selenite, meticulously hand-carve each lamp to perfection. You can position selenite lamps in any area to help neutralize negative energies and create a serene and peaceful atmosphere.


Adaptable to a Variety of Environments

Selenite is a versatile gemstone that harmonizes with various settings and purposes. Selenite crystals are believed to clear the chakras and facilitate a connection with one's spiritual guidance.

Window Sill: Placing selenite crystal lamps by your window helps repel negativity and safeguards against malevolent energies.

Bedside: Placing a piece of selenite on your pillow or bed can improve your sleep quality.

On Your Chest: By lying on your back and placing selenite on your abdomen, you can "realign" your chakras.

Dinner Table: Selenite is often placed on the dinner table to foster friendly and lively conversation during mealtime.



Selenite lamps are crafted from a naturally translucent or opaque form of gypsum crystal. Light permeates easily, casting a gentle, warming glow. These selenite lamps are carved in their natural state, achieving a distinct appearance through the splitting and chipping of natural cleavage surfaces. Each lamp is unique and offers substantial mental health benefits.

Selenite boasts one of the highest vibrational frequencies among all minerals. It is a calming stone that instills deep peace, making it ideal for meditation and spiritual work. Selenite can be used to create a protective grid around your home, ensuring a secure and tranquil environment that remains impervious to external influences. It has been employed to enhance awareness and foster a peaceful environment. Selenite brings clarity to the mind and is an excellent companion for meditation sessions. Rest assured, we deliver only the finest pieces you truly deserve.

selenite crystal lamp

Cultivating a Calm and Peaceful Environment

Himalayan Glow selenite lamps play a pivotal role in maintaining the ionic equilibrium within your home. They make for delightful and distinctive gifts, expressing gratitude, celebrating graduations, marking birthdays, or commemorating special occasions. Surprise your loved ones with a unique and thoughtful gift.

Selenite lamps serve as exceptional decorative pieces that illuminate and elevate the ambiance of your home, office, or place of business. Each lamp radiates brightness, brilliance, and beauty while effectively dispelling negativity. Acquire one to experience the ultimate benefits.

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