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96 Led Flickering Flame Solar Lamp | 2 Pcs | WBM SMART

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  • RUNS ON SOLAR POWER: Torch collects solar energy all day, then turns on automatically at dusk. The light runs on solar power, so you can place it anywhere
  • LONG LASTING BATTERY: Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery (2200mAh) keeps the torch working for 12 hours after fully charged. Charging time: 8 hours
  • EASY INSTALLATION: No wiring required, simply install it anywhere you like and enjoy the warm torch light
  • WEATHER RESISTANCE: Made of durable ABS plastic, endowed with superior IP67 waterproof level, solar spotlights are water resistant and heat-resistant to withstand all kinds of terrible weather
  • FLICKERING FLAME DESIGN: Safe realistic alternative flames cast a soft, mood-enhancing, and pleasant glow which provide a perfect campfire atmosphere. Please note the actual height of the item is 43 inches

WBM Solar Light Brilliance: Light Up Your World, the Green Way!

WBM Solar Lights Outdoor is the pinnacle of eco-conscious and hassle-free lighting solutions. These energy-efficient marvels seamlessly harness the sun's power throughout the day and gracefully come to life at dusk, eliminating the need for manual switches. With a robust 2200mAh rechargeable battery, they provide up to 12 hours of radiant brilliance in summer and 8 hours in winter, achieving a full charge in just 6-8 hours. The captivating Dancing Flames Design, featuring 96 LEDs, bathes your surroundings in a safe, soft, mood-enhancing glow, conjuring an enchanting ambiance that transforms your outdoor haven. Meticulously crafted from durable, weatherproof materials, these lights fear neither rain nor snow, ensuring they stand the test of time while you effortlessly light up your environment and take a sustainable stride forward with WBM Solar Lights Outdoor.

    Sunset to Sunrise, We've Got You Covered with WBM Solar Torch Lights

    WBM Solar-Powered Lights: Eco-Friendly Brilliance for Your Outdoor Space! Collecting and storing solar energy throughout the day, our lights turn on automatically at dusk, allowing you to place them anywhere you desire. With a long-lasting built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery (2200mAh), these lights offer an impressive 12 hours of illumination after just 8 hours of charging without wiring. Crafted from durable ABS plastic and boasting an impressive IP67 waterproof rating, they can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. These lights feature mesmerizing flickering flames that cast a safe, realistic, and mood-enhancing glow, creating the perfect campfire atmosphere for your outdoor haven.
    WBM's Smart Flame Light: Lighting Up Your Eco-Conscious Nights

    WBM Smart Flame Light Illuminate your world with smart, sustainable solar-powered flame lighting. Our innovative Smart Flame Light harnesses solar energy throughout the day and integrates advanced technology for a captivating, eco-friendly outdoor ambiance. With the WBM Smart Flame Light, you can effortlessly enjoy the mesmerizing dance of realistic flames that automatically activate at dusk and elegantly dim at dawn. Discover a new dimension of outdoor lighting, where the sun's brilliance meets the intelligence of innovation, all while embracing eco-consciousness and convenience.

    Eco-Conscious Nights, Solar-Powered Delight: WBM SMART

    WBM SMART Torch Flame Light: Experience Intelligent Day-to-Night Lighting. With our innovative technology, the WBM SMART Torch Flame Light offers a remarkable lighting experience that seamlessly transitions from morning to night. As the sun rises, these intelligent torch lights automatically dim and turn off, allowing the natural daylight to take center stage. However, these smart torch lights spring to life as darkness falls, casting a warm and welcoming glow that enhances your outdoor space. This intelligent automation maximizes convenience and showcases the perfect harmony between modern technology and the natural world. With WBM SMART Torch Flame Light, your outdoor ambiance adapts effortlessly to the changing light, providing an enchanting, eco-conscious lighting experience. Say goodbye to manual switches and welcome a new era of smart and sustainable outdoor lighting.

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