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Lint Roller - 60 Sheets | WBM HOME

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  • Pet Hair Hero: Say goodbye to furry furniture and clothes! The WBM Home Lint Roller tackles pet hair effortlessly, removing even the most stubborn fur with its super-sticky sheets.
  • Dust Destroyer: Not just for fur! This versatile roller picks up dust, crumbs, and lint from clothes, upholstery, and surfaces, keeping your home neat and tidy in no time.
  • Easy for Everyone: Forget complicated cleaning tools! The WBM Home Lint Roller is simple to use, even for children. Just a few rolls and your surfaces are back to pristine.
  • 60° Swivel & Go: Reach every corner with ease! The roller rotates a full 360°, making it perfect for cleaning clothes, furniture, and even tight spaces. Its lightweight design adds to its convenient portability.
  • Value Pack, Big Bang: Don't break the bank on keeping clean! Each WBM Home Lint Roller pack boasts 60 sheets, offering exceptional value and long-lasting use. Clean smartly and efficiently.

Lint Roller

The WBM Home Reusable Lint Roller, a versatile cleaning companion designed for your comfort. The ergonomically designed WBM Lint Roller Refill fits seamlessly in your hand and pairs perfectly with the WBM Lint Roller. Crafted with robust, thick, high-quality material on both sides, the sticky rolls efficiently remove lint from large surfaces. With 60 sheets on each roller, peeling off each sheet is effortless, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

This lint roller is ideal for various applications, including clothing and furniture. It handles pants, coats, sweaters, dresses, suits, and formal wear, leaving your garments lint, fuzz, and hair-free. The WBM refill is a versatile tool that requires no electricity or power sources, making it an invaluable assistant for maintaining cleanliness in your home, car, and office. The adhesive is effective in removing pet hair, dust, and lint, saving you time and effort.

lint roller

Meet the WBM Lint Roller, your discreet cleaning ally with super sticky paper for versatile use. Its ergonomic handle ensures comfort, making quick touch-ups a breeze. Crafted with strong, thick material on both sides, this lint roller excels in removing lint, dust, and pet hair. With easy-to-peel-off sheets, each pack containing 60, this lint roller is a durable solution for various fabrics like pants, coats, sweaters, dresses, and formal wear. It's a time-saving assistant at home, in the car, and at the office. Not just for clothes, these lint rollers are multipurpose, effective on furniture, car interiors, and messy kitchen countertops. Achieve quick cleanups in your car interior, reaching tight spaces effortlessly.

For pet owners, it's a stellar tool for confident appearances, effortlessly capturing pet hair with short back-and-forth strokes. The WBM Multipurpose Lint Roller ensures a spotless, hair-free environment, making cleaning a snap.

Lint Roller

To remove the lint roller, simply open the dust shield, press the circles on either end to unlock it, remove the dust shield, open both sides of the lid to take out the used paper core, and remove the roll insert from the used roll. Installing the lint roller is equally easy – install the roll insert on the refill, place the refill on the dust shield, insert the dust shield into the handle holder, check if the download press is in place, and close the dust shield when not in use.



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