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Microfiber Flat Mop | WBM HOME

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  • CLEANING MOP: W Home Flat Mop has a low-profile design, ideal for sweeping wet and dry surfaces, ensures that all the dirt lifts away
  • HANDLING: Easy to handle Micro-Flat Mop with a super-lightweight body and a comfortable grip, single-handed utilization
  • STRUCTURE: Linear cylindrical, Aluminum rod structure of Floor Mop with a flat rectangular Mop Pad bellow, super absorbent
  • ROTATION: The head of Flat Squeeze Mop follows 360° revolution, easy to clean every inaccessible corner, saves cleaning time
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Flat Floor Mop picks up the dust and pet hair, removes scratch marks, eradicates trapped on trash with just one swipe
  • WASHABLE: Pads of the Cleaning Mop are machine-washable and reusable. Adequate cleaning and care ensures a long life span
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion; thus, a 100% money-back guarantee for the unsatisfied customers


Make your cleaning routine with WBM Home Microfiber Mop, designed for professional-level results! Suitable for various hard floor surfaces such as wood, laminate, vinyl, and stone, it serves as both a wet and dust mop. Crafted from robust, top-notch materials, it proves to be an excellent option for personal, household, or commercial purposes. The microfiber flat mop stands out for its user-friendly design compared to other mop types like sponge, string, spin, twist, and spray mops. Its efficient use of water and the absence of a bucket or extra tools make it a convenient and effective choice for all your cleaning needs.


Tired of Dealing with Stubborn Streaks; Give our high-quality microfiber wet mop pads a shot instead of struggling with a mop that tends to use excess water and leaves streaks behind. These pads are so effective that just dampening them with plain water yields remarkable results! Featuring increased thickness for superior absorbency and more microfiber for effective scrubbing, our microfiber mop pads are not only efficient but also easy to reuse and machine wash. We've conducted wash tests on these pads to guarantee their continued effectiveness even after multiple washes.


Say goodbye to simply redistributing pet hair and dust! Our WBM Home Mop pad is designed to gather larger debris, such as pet hair, while efficiently collecting dust and lint. The floor mop features a 360-degree rotating head, making it easy to maneuver into tight spaces without the need to bend over or twist, reducing the risk of muscular soreness or back pain. In addition to its substantial liquid capacity, the microfiber mop pad boasts excellent disinfection properties. It can effectively absorb liquids while capturing dry impurities like dust, hair, paper fragments, and more. Keep your space clean and comfortable with our versatile mop pad.


Our upgraded microfiber mop pads, now stronger and more versatile than ever! These pads are meticulously designed with balanced friction and exceptional water absorption, making them highly effective for both dry and wet applications. Say goodbye to pet hair woes as these pads are ideal for removing fur from cats, dogs, and other pets, while also efficiently collecting dust. Suitable for a variety of floor types, including stone, tiles, hardwood, cement, drywall, and laminate. Upgrade your cleaning routine with these advanced microfiber mop pads, ensuring a thorough and efficient clean on all surfaces.

Efficient 360-Degree Cleaning: The WBM Home Mop offers quick and thorough cleaning with large mop heads, an ultra-lightweight body, and looped microfiber design. Enjoy twice the speed!

Lightweight Maneuvering: Cleaning is a breeze with the extra-long, extendable aluminum telescoping handle and head, ensuring easy and comfortable handling.

Eco-Friendly & Reusable: Save money and reduce waste with our reusable pads that can be washed multiple times, providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective cleaning solution.

Premium Microfiber Tech: Our Extra Thick, Heavy Duty Microfiber Mop Pads feature over 10,000 fiber loops for superior gripping technology, making them ideal for various surfaces and efficient pet hair capture. Upgrade your cleaning routine effortlessly!

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