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Dust Pan And Brush Set | WBM HOME

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Big & Small Mess Conquerer: Ditch the frustration of juggling multiple cleaning tools! The WBM Home Dustpan and Brush combo tackles everything from crumbs to broken glass, keeping your floors effortlessly tidy.

Vacuum-Proof Cleanup: Forget wrestling with spills and debris your vacuum can't handle. This dynamic duo makes light work of wet messes, sticky spills, and stubborn dirt, leaving your floors spotless.

Comfort in Every Sweep: Experience cleaning without fatigue. The ergonomically designed handles with comfortable grips ensure effortless sweeping, even during extended cleaning sessions.

Click, Clean, Store: Save space and stay organized! The brush handle cleverly clicks into the dustpan handle for convenient storage. No more bulky clutter, just a slim and compact cleaning set ready for action.

Quality You Can Trust: We stand behind our products! WBM Home is committed to quality, so we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Experience the difference for yourself, risk-free.


The WBM Home Brush and Dustpan Set provide an effective solution for tidying up your home. This set features durable polypropylene bristles that are fully recyclable and resistant to easy wear and tear. The sturdy brush, equipped with a solid grip, efficiently removes lint, dust, dirt, and even pet hair from various types of floors. The dustpan's wide and deep surface securely holds the collected debris for easy disposal. Keep your living space clean with this reliable brush and dustpan combo.


The Brush Handle conveniently clips onto the dustpan handle, securely locking in place for compact storage. Featuring a spacious dustpan with a deep bottom for efficient trash collection, the front of the dustpan is equipped with a rubber tip to gather dust, dirt, and pet hair from various floor surfaces. Both the brush and dustpan handles include holes, offering hanging storage options for easy organization.


Effortlessly manage your home's messes with the straightforward sweeping set. Clear away debris by running the brush through the built-in comb on the dustpan's rubber lip. The sizable dustpan with a deep surface efficiently holds the collected debris. For easy storage in compact spaces, the dustpan handle seamlessly fits into the handle of the portable brush.


Experience a comfortable grip with the brush handle. The built-in comb on the dustpan aids in collecting dust, and the soft rubber lip ensures maximum pick-up by resting flat on the floor. With a width and depth of 8.6 inches and a length of 14 inches, the dustpan provides ample surface area. The ergonomically designed soft-grip-handled brush adds to the comfort and conveniently fits into the dustpan. This expert brush and dustpan set is versatile and easy to use in various locations, including restrooms, laundry rooms, garages, and hallways.


Tackle both major and minor household messes effortlessly with the WBM Home Dustpan and Brush. This combo is ideal for cleaning up debris that a vacuum cleaner might miss, like broken glass or spilled food. The handheld brush and dustpan are user-friendly, featuring easy-to-grip handles. The dustpan's built-in rubber efficiently clears dirt from the brush. For convenient storage, the handles of the dustpan and cleaning brush click together and securely lock in place. Keep your space clean and organized with this practical and efficient Dustpan and Brush combo from WBM Home.

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