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Reach the Unreachable: Tackle hidden grime with precision! High-quality bristles bend and extend to navigate tight spaces and corners in bottles, vases, and more. No stain escapes their thorough cleaning power.

Grip & Scrub Without Fatigue: Experience comfort and control. The long, durable neck features a soft, non-slip grip that absorbs pressure and reduces hand fatigue during scrubbing. Clean with ease, even with soapy hands.

360° Stain Slayer: Conquer milk stains and residues with effortless ease! The rotating head maneuvers smoothly, providing complete 360° cleaning that reaches every nook and cranny without harming the bottle.

Scratch-Free Shine: Gentle yet effective, the bristles remove stubborn dirt and grime without leaving behind a single scratch. Keep your delicate glasses, utensils, and containers looking pristine, wash after wash.

Beyond Bottles: This brush is a cleaning chameleon! Its versatility extends beyond bottles to tackle pots, pans, stemware, and other delicate containers with equal efficiency. One tool, endless cleaning possibilities.


The WBM Home Bottle Cleaning Brush stands out as the superior choice due to its dual-function bristles, perfect for tackling tough kitchenware cleaning tasks. Crafted from durable PP material, the bristles ensure strength and longevity. Featuring two varieties of bristles – Pink Fibers for robust cleaning of nooks and crannies, and Grey fibers for gentle cleaning – this brush effortlessly cleans a range of kitchenware, including glasses, plastic utensils, long and narrow-necked bottles, and metallic surfaces. With flexible bristles and 360-degree rotation, it effectively eliminates oils, stains, and even stubborn milk residues in bottles. The soft bristles ensure thorough cleaning without causing any harm to the bottle's surface.


The Bendable Bristles and Angled Tip of our Bottle Cleaning Brush provide effortless access to bottle corners and edges, making it ideal for cleaning baby feeders and other long-necked bottles. The brush features a sturdy handle with a strong grip, ensuring a comfortable user experience. With 2 inches wide, durable bristles, and a practical length of 18.5 inches, the Long Bottle Cleaning Brush is specifically designed for effectively cleaning long-necked bottles.


The Bottle Brush features Dual Bristles, providing the flexibility for both delicate cleaning and vigorous scrubbing. With a 360-degree rotation, the Bottle Cleaner Brush effectively removes milk stains and spots from bottles without causing any harm. Its bendable bristles and angled tip make it easy to access bottle corners and edges. The ergonomic rubber handle of the bottle cleaner is designed to securely fit your hand, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip.


Bottle-cleaning brushes are ideal for Deep Cleaning various items, including sports bottles with narrow and long necks, infant feeders, kettles, stemware, long tea cups, coffee pots, blenders, and juicers. Their extended reach makes them perfect for cleaning sink drains, dishwashers, and water pipes, and they are well-suited for kitchenware such as pint glasses, thermoses, and other food containers.


The WBM Home Bottle Cleaning Brush is a high-quality tool that fulfills all your cleaning needs without breaking the bank. Crafted with durable PP bristles, this bottle cleaner brush offers dual-purpose functionality, making it versatile for various cleaning tasks. The premium bristles have a long lifespan, ensuring reliable use for an extended period. Gentle on your glasses, bottles, and blenders, these bristles protect against scratches. With the ability to clean 360 degrees, the brush effectively reaches and brushes away dirt from the dead corners of your cups..

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