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Selenite Crystal Lamp 20 cm| HIMALAYAN GLOW

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  • Selenite: A pure gypsum crystal stone that is said to remove negative energy and cleanse the mind with its calming effects.
  • Selenite Lamp Light Waves: May help to sober the mind, stabilize the emotional body, and pr omote deep peace.
  • Selenite Recharging Crystals: May help to remove energy blockages in the body, create a calm and peaceful environment, and guard against epileptic seizures.
  • Selenite Lamp Placement: Place it in any area or space to help neutralize negative energies and create a calm and peaceful environment.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand behind our products and listen to our customers. If you are not satisfied with your selenite lamp for any reason, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Natural Variation: Due to the natural variation of selenite, the size, shape, and color of your lamp may vary.

selenith night light

Himalayan Glow Selenite Lamp, Emitting a Soft White Glow, Ideal for Any Space

Himalayan Glow introduces a line of contemporary white selenite lamps designed to complement various styles and individual preferences. These standing selenite lamps are imbued with the renowned soothing, calming, and health-enhancing properties that selenite is celebrated for. The table lamp is equipped with a built-in LED light source, providing bright illumination. Selenite, recognized for its ability to promote mental clarity, enhance mental flexibility, aid in decision-making, and alleviate energy obstructions in both the physical and mental realms, plays a central role in these lamps. Additionally, selenite has the remarkable capability to clear and fortify the energy of other crystals placed in its proximity. Placing a selenite bedside lamp in your space can instill a sense of tranquility and clarity, thanks to its exceptionally high vibrational frequency, making it an excellent choice for healing purposes. The color of the crystal is influenced by its mineral content, ensuring each lamp is unique.

Our master craftsmen, boasting over 80 years of combined experience in working with the exquisite material of selenite, meticulously hand-carve each lamp to perfection. You can position selenite lamps in any area to help neutralize negative energies and cultivate a serene and peaceful ambiance.

selenite crystal lamp

Selenite: A Naturally Translucent Healing Crystal

Gypsum crystal that is naturally translucent or opaque is used to make selenite lamps. With ease, light filters through, casting a soft, cozy glow. Because the cleavage surfaces of the selenite were split and chipped during the carving process, the lamps have a distinctive appearance. Each light is distinctive and has a big impact on mental health.

Among all minerals, selenite has one of the highest vibrational frequencies. It is a relaxing stone that instills a sense of deep tranquility, making it perfect for spiritual pursuits like meditation. A protective grid made of selenite can be built around your house to provide a safe, peaceful atmosphere that is impenetrable to outside influences. It has been used to raise consciousness and promote tranquility. Selenite is well renowned for promoting mental clarity and makes a wonderful meditation partner.

Inside the Box:

  • LED Light With Wooden Base
  • 1 x Selenite Crystal Lamp
  • 1 User Manual for Lamp

Elevating your vibration is crucial to maintaining a mental and physical space free from feelings of grief, fear, anger, and anxiety.


Superb Quality

Our Selenite Lamp includes an LED light bulb, USB cable, and a patented wooden base that enables you to adjust the brightness to suit your mood. We take pride in delivering only the finest pieces that you truly deserve.

Perfect Gift

Himalayan Glow's selenite lamps contribute to maintaining your home's ionic balance. They make delightful and distinctive gifts for expressing gratitude, celebrating graduations, marking birthdays, or commemorating special occasions. Surprise your loved ones with a unique and thoughtful gift.

Home Decor

Selenite lamps are exceptional decorative pieces that illuminate and enhance the ambiance of your home, office, or place of business. Each lamp exudes brightness, brilliance, and beauty while effectively dispelling negativity. Acquire one to experience the ultimate benefits.

A Stone of Peace

Selenite is a peaceful crystal that harmonizes well with meditation and spiritual pursuits. Its vibrations rank among the highest of all materials. Moreover, you can employ selenite to create a protective barrier around your home, ensuring a safe and tranquil atmosphere free from external disturbances.

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