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RGB LED Strip Lights Remote Control 16.4 ft | WBM SMART

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  • Color Changing Strip Light provides the primary colors Red, Green, and Blue (RGB), adjustable brightness, so you can DIY your favorite color to decorate your room.
  • Led strip lighting has 5050 SMD LEDs in 32.8 ft with dimmer and brightness controls. The light strip is waterproof, and is designed for both indoor and outdoor.
  • WBM Smart LED light strip support both Android and ios software. You can control the led controller with your mobile through WIFI. You can use voice commands, and intelligent speakers just speak out your demand to turn on/off, change colors, dim/bright. By using 1 App, you can set groups,control many wifi light strips at the same time.
  • We use the latest thermal conductive adhesive with guaranteed reliability. With the increase in use time, the viscosity increases. But no matter how good the adhesive is, it has a certain adaptability, so we are equipped with sufficient reinforcement accessories to solve the problem of the LED strip falling off.
  • Customer satisfaction: If you are not satisfied with our product, we will give you 30 days' money back.
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WBM Smart RGB Led Strip Lights | 16.4 Feet

You can turn on & off app-controlled LED strip lights anytime from your sitting place without moving to make decent use of LED strips and electricity. This color-changing light is perfect for rooms, under cabinets, gardens, stores, yachts, bars, automobiles, cinemas, theaters, parties, etc. Our flexible strip light allows you to bend or make the shape of the strip as you like. It can also be cut along the marks as per your need.

WBM Smart LED strip lights that are brighter for various room ambiance. We are dedicated to upgrading products and always bringing a better lighting experience for you.


  1. Unroll the LED strip light from the plastic reel before use to prevent fire or damage to the strip.
  2. LED strip lights can only be cut at the points that are marked; cut points are clearly shown by a line across the strip.
  3. Make sure that place is clean and dry when sticking the adhesive strip light.
  4. Confirm that the arrows line up when connecting the strip light to the controller.


led strip light; wbm smart strip light; smart wifi led strip light; color changing strip light;

Led Strip Lights

Get the smartest LED Strip that works with Alexa, Google Home, and App Control to give you ease in all manners.

The Package contains one roll, a 16.4ft long RGB LED strip light, and a 12-volt power supply with a Wi-Fi controller attached.

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Ambient Mood Light for Bedroom

Sometimes, our brain needs some relaxation by resting at home. To keep your brain and mood calm, our lights for your bedroom will help you a lot. Besides relaxation, it is the best way to make your room look pretty.

Decorate Your Kitchen

Besides food, the thing that we enjoy outside our homes in restaurants is beautiful lights and colors. Give your kitchen the best lighting effect and make every meal special.


Have a Drink in the Bar

Light has a great effect on our moods. That’s why clubs are full of multi-colored lights. What if your drink place also gets multi-color emitting strips? This will fill your drink with more fun. You can decorate your bar as you desire.

Various Lighting Mode

Our smart LED strip light emits several colors. There is no color limitation. Every light color is different from the other one. So, you have not to worry about color limitations. Just put it on walls or furniture.

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