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Instant Shine Sponge Neutral - 0.37 fl oz | WBM SHOE CARE

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  • SHINER SPONGE: W Shoe Care Instant Shine Sponge is a premium quality shoe sponge specially manufactured for all kinds of brown shoes
  • INSTANT SHINE: Gives a gorgeous shine instantly. No other brush or sponge is required for the application of the shiner
  • EASY USE POLISH: An easy-use tool with a built-in sponge applicator that gives off a radiant shine to your shoes
  • HIGH-QUALITY SHOE POLISH: High-quality materials used in the polish, tested for confidential standards for good quality leather
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGE: Comes in an easily handled, eco-friendly package with a sponge in the shiner that is easy in application
  • NO MESS, NO FUSS: Safe in use, without creating any mess, and is trouble-free for all colors of footwear

shoe buffer

WBM Shoe Care Neutral Sponge – No Buffing, No Mess:

The WBM Shoe Care instant shoeshine sponge provides a perfect shine within seconds, making it the best shoe shiner for all leather colors. Gently press the sponge on your shoes, and the liquid will release easily. Wipe it on your shoe, and you're done. The sponge contains silicone that effectively cleans and revitalizes your shoes, giving them a new look. The polish is mess-free as there's no need to buff the sponge on shoes; it applies smoothly.

Key Features of WBM Shoe Care Sponge:

  • Best economical shoe shining sponge.
  • Remarkable shine with just one application.
  • Safe ingredients maintain the natural shine of leather.
  • Waterproof application protects shoes from weather attacks.
  • Overcomes minor scuffs after the first usage.
  • Versatile for shining any leather items.
  • Please note that our leather shining sponge may leave stains on clothes; stains are washable, but it's advisable to keep clothes and furniture away from the sponge.

Instant shine sponge

WBM Shoe Care Multi-Purpose Sponge:

The WBM Shoe Care Sponge is versatile, suitable for cleaning leather shoes, jackets, sofas, car seats, and other leather products. The polish's ingredients contribute to the long life, durability, and texture preservation of your leather items without causing harm. Our shoe care sponge is effective in restoring the natural color of faded black leather. It is the ideal solution for comprehensive leather care. The sponge comes in protective packaging, preventing it from drying out and avoiding any potential stains on fabric. For durability and to prevent staining, we recommend putting the lid back on after use.

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