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Salt Lamp Bowl With Salt Massage Ball | HIMALAYAN GLOW

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  • Experience the pure beauty of our Himalayan Glow natural rock crystal salt lamp, hewn from the depths of the Himalayan mountains. Mined with care and craftsmanship, it brings the mystique of nature into your space.
  • Elevate your massage sessions with therapy massage balls that accompany this lamp. Effortlessly soothe sore muscles by holding and massaging with these therapeutic balls.
  • These massage therapy stones are your companions for relaxation, relieving tense muscles, and comforting aches and pains. Let the magic of Himalayan salt enhance your well-being.
  • Versatile and stunning, this lamp finds its place anywhere in your home – be it on a coffee table, bedside table, or desk. Its warm glow also makes it an excellent gift choice for any occasion.
  • We prioritize customer satisfaction and proudly back our products. If, for any reason, you find our bowl salt lamp isn't right for you, rest assured with our 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Note: Embrace the unique variations in salt that nature offers. Size, shape, and color may naturally vary, adding to the lamp's charm and individuality.

    himalayan salt lamp

    Natural Himalayan Bowl Salt Lamp with Massage Ball

    Discover the exquisite artistry of nature with our Himalayan Glow Himalayan Salt Lamp, hand-mined, hand-carved, and handcrafted from the depths of the Himalayan Mountains. Carefully selected for its pink translucency and unique facets, this salt originates from a 250-million-year-old seabed, a relic from a time when Earth was submerged in water, possibly where life began. Now, this salt takes on the form of a lamp, emitting a captivating and primordial glow, reminiscent of both a sunset and molten lava. It's a source of light that enchants all who bask in its presence, providing soothing, calming, and utterly relaxing vibes.

    Create the Perfect Atmosphere in Your Home:

    • Crafted from natural Himalayan salt crystals.
    • Hand-mined and skillfully handcrafted into a bowl shape, with salt chunks nestled within.
    • When illuminated, the salt lamp exudes a calming and soothing amber glow.
    • Ideal for birthdays or Christmas presents.
    • Suitable for placement on bedside tables, living rooms, studies, offices, and more.

    Product Details:

    • Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl with Dimmer Switch.
    • Material: Himalayan Crystal Salt with Rosewood.
    • Shape: Hand-carved bowl.
    • Best Gifts: The most popular and trending soothing, calming, and healthy salt lamp. The perfect choice.
    • Ideal as decorations and gifts for weddings, holidays, birthdays, graduations, and special occasions.

    Massage Bowl

    Massage Bowl - Relieve Stress, Pain, and Muscle Tension:

    Our Himalayan Glow massage stone salt lamp takes the form of a bowl, crafted from Himalayan pink salt. These unique bowls are meticulously handcrafted and made from natural Himalayan pink salt mined in the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan. Skilled craftsmen lend their expertise to create these exceptional designs, and you can witness their fine craftsmanship in every detail. The salt sourced from the Himalayan mountains contains shimmering crystals that enhance the lamp's radiance. Inside the lamp, you'll discover massage stones, also crafted from Himalayan pink salt, renowned for their use in massage therapy to alleviate stress, pain, and muscle tension.

    These stones are exceptionally special and handcrafted with meticulous care. Each stone is tailored for massage therapy, ensuring you receive the full benefits of your massage session. You can easily use these stones independently to address muscle stiffness and promote tissue relaxation. The process is straightforward: every night before bedtime, roll the stone over sore areas of your body. The rolling action helps alleviate muscle stiffness and relax your body's tissues, melting away the day's fatigue. Made from salt, these stones may be affected by humidity, but regular cleaning with a dry cloth will help maintain their perfect shape.


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