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Selenite Charging Plate Ruler 6-8 inch - 3 Pcs | HIMALAYAN GLOW

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  • Good Craftsmanship: Selenite Charging Plate Ruler is well finished and trimmed, the edges are particularly sharp and clean, it will not get painful against your skin; Additionally, it will surely last a long time
  • For Crystal Jewelry: This Selenite Plate is beneficial for Crystal because you can use it to charge crystals, clean other crystal jewelry, enhance them, and serve your convenience
  • Selenite Ruler: Use this one to clear crystal deposits from places with sacred energy and add an ideal quality to the home or workspace
  • Decorative plate for Meditation: The Crystal Plate can be placed in your room allowing you to enter into a relaxing, peaceful environment, which is especially helpful if you are worried about something or need help
  • Warm & Thoughtful: You can make these selenite crystals into small tokens of kindness and friendship, as gifts for folks who are going through a difficult time or struggling with their pressure
  • Note: Due to the Natural Variation of Selenite, size, shape, and color may vary

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