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Disposable Toilet Cleaner with 8 refill | WBM HOME

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Decontamination Made Easy: Ditch the mess and hassle of traditional cleaners! WBM Home's disposable toilet cleaner comes with built-in decontamination, letting you clean hygienically without touching harsh chemicals.

Multi-Surface Champion: Go beyond the bowl! This versatile cleaner tackles not only toilets but also sinks, bathtubs, and washrooms, making it your one-stop cleaning solution for sparkling bathrooms.

Powerful Scrub, Gentle Touch: Experience a clean without the damage. The soft sponge material with a large contact area provides strong friction for effective cleaning, removing stubborn stains while staying gentle on the toilet glaze.

Convenience Redefined: Forget flimsy cleaners! This set includes 8 disposable scrubber refills, a two-layered cleaning structure, a handy extension bar handle, and a convenient storage box for organization and hygiene.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We stand by our product! If you're not completely satisfied with the WBM Home Disposable Toilet Cleaner, we offer a hassle-free 100% money-back guarantee. Clean with confidence!


The WBM Home Toilet Cleaner Wand seamlessly blends powerful cleaning action with smart design to effortlessly tackle every corner of your toilet bowl. With its sleek head, this handy tool easily reaches all the nooks and crannies, leaving your toilet clean and sparkling. Consider it your personal assistant for maintaining a fresh and pristine bathroom!


Picture the unpleasant sight of a grimy toilet brush tucked away in the corner of your bathroom. It's not a pleasant image, is it? Besides being visually unappealing, it can also feel obnoxious. To alleviate this issue, our toilet cleaner is thoughtfully designed to be small and compact, ensuring easy storage and minimal space consumption in your restroom. The unique packaging style and color not only enhance its functionality but also make it a stylish addition to your bathroom decor.


Cleaning Wand – its curved and elongated design facilitates effortless access to every nook and cranny of the bowl.

Storage Caddy – equipped with a lid and a designated area to hold the wand, ensuring convenient handling and storage. The caddy also stores the refills.

Sponge Heads – supplied with 8 disposable sponge heads, and additional refills are readily available.


Great things come in compact packages, and our Toilet Cleaning Wand is no exception. Compact yet highly effective, this wand makes toilet cleaning a breeze! Featuring a brush head with a 3-layered scraper sponge, it guarantees a comprehensive clean, effortlessly tackling the toughest messes and odors.

The three segments consist of:

  1. The upper pre-filled fluid sheet – no need for additional gel cleaner.
  2. The middle scraping cloth – easily removes crusted grime.
  3. The final sponge layer – adept at reaching into the curves of the bowl.


Tired of spending endless hours scrubbing your toilet? Look no further than WBM's Cleaning Wand – your shortcut to a sparkling-clean toilet in just three simple steps!

  •  Open the storage caddy.
  •  Take the cleaning wand, and securely CLIP the refill sponge.
  •  SWEEP the toilet bowl thoroughly with one hand.
  •  After cleaning, flush the water, and effortlessly TOSS the head into the trash bin.


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