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Radar & Wi-Fi UV Sterilizer Light Lamp | WBM SMART

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  • The Radar & Wi-Fi UV Sterilization Light is an efficient product for sterilization, disinfection, and deodorization removal
  • The Radar & Wi-Fi UV Sterilization Lamp comes with a 360-degree radar sensor, wireless remote control, time delay switch, safe child lock, and Wi-Fi module
  • The WBM UV sanitizer light can kill 99.9% of airborne bacteria, viruses, and mold spores.
  • Set the radar sensing distance. When the human body approaches the distance, the LED light flashes and the buzzer emits a continuous warning sound to stop sterilization and ensure safety.
  • It can be operated remotely through doors, walls, cabinets, etc. There is no limit on the angle, and you need not worry about being injured by ultraviolet radiation during operation.
  • You can use our product in your office, home, workplace, or any other area
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We assure a 100% money-back guarantee to our customers who are not satisfied.

Benefits Of Using WBM Smart Radar & Wi-Fi UV Sterilizer light ?

The advantage of ultraviolet rays is that the sterilization efficiency is high, and the inactivation is generally completed within a few seconds, and no other chemical pollutants are generated.

Radar Intelligent Human Induction Ensure Safety:

Radar detection range The sensing distance of the UV Sterilizer light radar sensor can be configured by software. The limit sensing distance is up to 10 meters. The actual sensing distance can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs. Continue to kill after living body walk away. Set the radar sensing distance. When the human body approaches the corresponding setting distance, the LED light flashes, and the buzzer emits a continuous warning sound to stop sterilization and ensure safety

Giving you sun-like comfort:

Professional testing strength kills mites and sterilizes creating a comfortable and pure environment for you.

Safe and Convenient Use:

WBM Smart UV Disinfection Lamp is More Effective than Liquid Disinfectant, No Irritating Odor after Disinfection, Applicable Area of 40 Meters Squared, Easy Storage. Made of Quartz Material, 254nm Wavelength, Long Service Life, High Transmission Rate and Better Sterilization Effect.

Three time levels freely adjustable | UV Disinfection Lamp

Choose the appropriate sterilization time according to different regional occasions to achieve sterilization After setting the sterilization time, the lights will be turned off automatically.

Device Panel Operations of UV Sterilization Lamp

1. Press the ON key first: the red indicator light on the lamp flashes slowly, the warning buzzer turns on/off 2S, the lamp enters the standby state, press the key again, the red indicator light on the lamp flashes quickly, the warning buzzer turns on 0.5S Turn off 0.5S, turn on the lamp after 60S delay.

2. Timer button 15’30’60 ’to select sterilization time.

3. After the sterilization is completed, it will automatically close.

Safety Caution Before Creating A Safe living Environment.


  • After the disinfection lamp is used, unplug the power plug and place it out of reach of children in order to avoid injury caused by misuse of children.
  • The surface of the UV-C lamp should be kept clean. If there is dust or oil, wipe it with a soft and clean cotton-free cloth to remove them, so as not to affect the sterilization effect.
  • After sterilization, you may smell the smell similar to that of sun bedding, don’t worry, it is recommended to open the doors and windows for 15 to 30 minutes to avoid the discomfort of the human body due to the smell and ozone (this product uses an ozone-free lamp tube material).
  • When disinfecting the pet house, please keep the pets away from the disinfection area to avoid injury; if there are valuable plants in the disinfection area, please move away or cover with cloth, newspapers, and others before disinfection.
  • Please keep this product away from fire, extreme temperatures such as high temperature and heat; do not soak the product in water.
  • If this product is in use or just finished, please do not directly touch the lamp with your hands to avoid high temperature burns. When moving or overhauling this product, unplug the power cord and wait for the product to cool down before proceeding.

Next Steps to Connect the UV Lamp with WBM Smart Apps.

1) Connect available 2.4G Wi-Fi by mobile phone.

2) Turn on the lamp and power switch.

3) After the lamp powered on, it will enter the Touch network pairing mode if the Wi-Fi indicator light blinks quickly. Plug in the power supply, press and hold the power key more than 5 seconds, the Wi-Fi enters network pair status, the indicator light starts to flash.

4) Open the WBM SMART App, click "Add Device" or “+” icon at the top right corner to enter “Add Device "menu. First, select "others”, then select “other (Wi-Fi)”option.

5) Select the Wi-Fi which the phone is connected to, enter the correct password, and click “Next” to start searching the device.

6) Check whether the indicator light of the lamp is blinking. If blinking, please check "Confirm indicator rapidly blink" and click “Next”.

7) After finding the device, it will automatically connect to the device and pairing the network.

8) After the network pairing is successful, rename the device name, and click "Complete", done!


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