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Women Razor | Pink | WBM BEAUTY

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  • Smooth body shave: The razor's moisturizing strips are enriched with vitamin E and aloe to soothe and hydrate your skin, while the patented irritation defense bar helps to prevent razor burn.
  • Pivoting head and precision trimmer: The lubricating strips and skin-compatible pivoting head help the razor glide smoothly over your curves, while the precision trimmer on the back of the blades helps to reach tricky areas.
  • Sharp blades and protective cushions: The razor's sharp blades allow for expert trimming of unwanted hair, while the 4 blades and protective cushions deliver a smooth, close shave with ease.
  • Comfortable handle: The soft rubberized handle makes it the best skin shaving tool for women. The razor's ergonomic design offers a sure grip with a sleek, molded handle for comfort and suppleness.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed: The razor is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free.

Beauty With Perfection


For women, shaving can be more than just a chore – it's a dance between achieving a smooth canvas and preserving the delicate nature of your skin. WBM Beauty Razor redefines that dance, transforming it into a symphony of effortless perfection.

Forget the days of clumsy manoeuvres and razor burn. WBM Beauty's precision-crafted blades glide gracefully over your curves, delivering an irresistibly flawless finish without nicking or compromising on comfort. Its secret lies in the gentle touch – moisturising features whisper soothing hydration with every stroke, leaving your skin feeling like freshly-kissed silk. No longer do you need to tiptoe around sensitive areas. WBM Beauty becomes your confidante, understanding the unique language of your skin. It navigates curves and contours with ease, respecting your precious softness while unveiling a radiant smoothness that whispers confidence.

Waxing, Epilator


In many cases, women desire the sleek aesthetic of a hair-free body without the hassle of waxing, epilating, or the discomfort of threading. Our personalised razor is crafted to provide a smooth, pain-free experience, effortlessly gliding over the skin. By opting for this solution, you not only avoid the potential pain of traditional hair removal methods but also achieve consistently clean and smooth results. This razor is designed for those who appreciate a hassle-free yet effective approach to showcasing their natural beauty.

Smooth & Close Shave


Say goodbye to the days of dull and painful shaving with our luxurious women's razor. Designed for an unparalleled shaving experience, our high-quality blades effortlessly glide across your skin, ensuring a smooth and efficient shave. Equipped with precision-ground 4 blades, this razor not only delivers a flawless shave but also leaves your skin feeling irresistibly soft and radiant. The best part? No need to worry about nicks, cuts, or razor burns – our razor is crafted for a seamless and irritation-free shaving experience that enhances your skincare routine. Embrace a new era of shaving comfort and indulge in the luxury of soft, smooth, and beautifully groomed skin.

Lubricating Strips


Discover a safer and more efficient way to shave with our WBM Beauty Women Razor. Packed with fantastic features, one standout aspect is our cutting-edge moisturizing technology. Experience an incredibly close and comfortable shave that minimizes irritation and redness. Our safety razor is equipped with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E lubricating strips, ensuring a luxurious and hydrated feel with every shave. Upgrade your shaving routine to enjoy not just a close shave, but also a pampering experience that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and nourished.

Safe & Easy Application


No need to be a clumsy buffoon while shaving! Say goodbye to awkward positions and the fear of embarrassing notches and scratches. Our beauty razors feature a patented Pivoting Head System that effortlessly maneuvers around tricky body curves and knots, ensuring a pain-free experience. The Ergonomic Design not only prevents hand fatigue but also provides a strong Anti-Slip Grip. Enjoy a smooth, hassle-free shaving experience without compromising on precision or comfort.



Maintain the pristine cleanliness of your beauty arsenal with WBM Beauty hair-removing razors. Engineered with an Open Back design, these razors effortlessly clear away stuck hair. Cleaning is a breeze – just place the head under your running tap. It's that easy! Our razors boast Washable & Reusable Technology, ensuring a quick and efficient cleanup for repeated use. The added bonus? The blades are fortified with an Anti-Rust Coating, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and durability for your shaver. Upgrade your beauty routine with a razor that not only delivers smooth results but also stays clean and reliable.

Effectively Prevents & Removes Ingrown Hair


Say goodbye to the hideous and confidence-shattering experience of ingrown hair with WBM Beauty Women Safety Razors. Designed to remove ingrown hair and leave your skin feeling soft as silk, our innovative razors guarantee a close and smooth shave. Our unique design ensures deep ingrown hair removal, eliminating any trouble spots or pesky razor bumps. Embrace a shaving experience that not only enhances skin smoothness but also boosts your confidence, giving you the flawless results you deserve.



- Rejoice, ladies! Achieve smooth, shave-ready results effortlessly.

- Trim, shave, and tidy up all at once with the latest WBM Beauty Women Razor technology.

- Say goodbye to frequent shaving – one simple step removes all unwanted body hair.

- The patented WBM Beauty Women's Safety Razor acts quickly and smoothly.

- Easily tidy up any unwanted hair on your body with precision and ease.

- Suitable for all body use, providing a versatile solution for your grooming needs.

- Safe and gentle on sensitive women's body areas for a comfortable shaving experience.

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