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Pure Magnesium Oil Spray - 13.5 fl oz | NATURAL SOLUTION

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  • Magnesium oil is one of the most important minerals for human health, yet it's often overlooked.
  • Natural Solution magnesium mineral oil spray is derived from deep underground at the site of the ancient Zechstein Sea in The Netherlands, and contains a high concentration of magnesium.
  • Magnesium oil is a natural mineral that's essential for good health. Oil helps regulate nerve and muscle function, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps the heart rhythm steady.
  • Magnesium oil spray is non-greasy and absorbs rapidly, leaving little residue and no unpleasant scent. Plus, it's perfect for athletes or anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

aceite de magnesio

Unlocking the Benefits of Magnesium Oil:

Choosing magnesium oil for transdermal or topical application surpasses the effectiveness of oral supplements. The skin, our most efficient organ, becomes the gateway for optimal magnesium absorption. By bypassing the digestive tract, transdermal magnesium ensures greater bioavailability without the risk of overconsumption. Magnesium, vital for numerous bodily functions, boasts anti-inflammatory properties, making it a crucial element for overall health.

Spray de aceite de magnesio

Patience and Consistency for Optimal Results:

While magnesium oil begins working immediately, it's important to be patient and consistent for the full desired effect. Immediate relief is possible for some issues, but for others, it might take several weeks or even longer, especially if there's a severe magnesium deficiency. We recommend daily use for at least 3-4 weeks to allow sufficient time for the magnesium oil to take full effect.

Magnesium oil serves dual purposes – a regular daily dose and targeted local treatment, particularly for muscular symptoms. Applied through spraying on the skin, it is absorbed and transported directly to the cells, contributing to its effectiveness.

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