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Pink Salt with Onion and Red Crushed Pepper Large Glass Grinder - 12.5 oz | HIMALAYAN CHEF

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Himalayan Pink Salt Onion Pepper- Glass Grinder, 12.5oz | Himalayan Chef

You may discover a whole universe of flavors in each grinder from Himalayan Chef. A variety of Himalayan spices are available at Himalayan Chef. No longer do you have to stress over cutting and chopping an onion. Use our high-quality, ready-to-use onion salt seasoning grinder. Every dish will include freshly ground Himalayan seasoning. It produces a tasty and aromatic complement to any cuisine. If you include it in your regular cooking, it adds delectable flavors. All Himalayan Chef products are all-natural and free of additions, fillers, preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, or MSG.

Himalayan spices are free of fat, calories, and cholesterol and have a low sodium content.

  • 100% Natural Himalayan Seasoning
  • Boost the flavors in each dish.
  • Tall Glass Grinder with Refills
  • Contain 12.5 oz Himalayan Spices
  • Elegant Design
  • Ideal for use at tables and in kitchens.
  • Free of GMOs, gluten, veganism, and BPA.
  • Add grinding to a variety of meat, vegetable, potato, pasta, egg, and soup dishes.

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Why use a Himalayan Pink Salt, Onion, and Pepper Mill?

We don't use conventional table salt, unlike many seasonings that are identical to ours. Himalayan Chef combines various flavor combinations with Himalayan pink salt. It is hand-mined from the Pakistani foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and is entirely natural. More than 84 minerals that are good for human health can be found in pink salt. All artificial colors, preservatives, and ingredients are absent from our onion salt seasoning. Use delicious and healthful spices to flavor your meals now. Any kitchen or dining area would look exquisite with our onion salt grinder.

  • 100% Natural
  • Halal
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan-Friendly

There are various varieties of Himalayan seasoning grinders.

  • Garlic Pink Salt & Red Pepper Grinder
  • Onion Pink Salt and Red Pepper Grinder
  • Pink Salt with Rainbow Peppercorns Grinder
  • Chipotle Salt Grinder
  • Himalayan Salt Grinder
  • Black Pepper Grinder

himalayan salt grinder

Enjoy Fresh Seasoning

Our glass grinder is attractive enough for use in any kitchen or on a table. Utilization is simple. 12.5 ounces of Himalayan spices are present. Simply twist the top lid to reveal a wide mouth container that can be refilled with your preferred spices. More than 84 trace minerals that are good for human health and wellbeing may be found in Himalayan pink salt. Make each of your meals more enticing and nutritious. Our Himalayan seasoning is ideal to ground and sprinkle on any food to enhance its flavor and amazing.

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