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Pink Salt Large Glass Mason Jar with Cork 1.1 lb | HIMALAYAN CHEF

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pink himalayan salt jar

Gourmet Himalayan Chef Wide Mouth Jar, Natural Fine Salt, Himalayan Pure Pink

Chef Himalayan The finest container to use for everyday cooking and seasoning is a wide mouth glass bottle that contains Himalayan salt. The Himalayan salt jar complements your kitchen's table and counter decor elegantly. You can utilize it with ease. Wide opening Himalayan salt jars with corks aid in preserving the salt's freshness for extended use. It is a Jar that is simple to refill. Ideal for regular use at home. Our sturdy pink salt jar fits well in your spice rack.

  • Beautiful Design
  • Special Taste
  • Use as salt for cooking
  • Replenishable Jar
  • Ideal for the kitchen counter
  • Convenient in Two Grain Sizes
pink salt mason jar

Pink Salt | Natural, Unrefined, Non-GMO, Kosher | Deep From the Himalayan Mountains

The salt region of the Himalayan Mountains is mined in Pakistan to produce pink Himalayan chef salt. Himalayan salt contains 84 trace minerals, including calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and sulfate. Pink Himalayan salt is the purest type of rock salt. It is fully natural, unprocessed salt that has not been refined or added any additives, preservatives, or other chemicals. Pink salt is essential for preserving human health and welfare due to its amazing health benefits. Both bath salt and regular culinary salt can be made from pink salt. Additionally, it can be used to make salt slabs for serving dishes and salt lamps for home décor.

  • Finest Salt
  • NON- GMO
  • Salt free of gluten
  • Rock Salt Kosher for Cooking
  • Incredible Health Benefits
  • Add Special Flavors to Each of Your Dishes
himilian pink salt

Why use Himalayan Pink Salt?

The flavor of pink salt is delightful. It is naturally pink in hue and contains 84 minerals that have numerous health advantages. Free of chemical additions, preservatives, or bleaches. Himalayan Pink salt is not rigorously processed; it is unprocessed. It has not been processed and has been hand-selected, chiseled, washed, and dried in the sun. It is regarded as one of the most wholesome salts in existence. Many people today experience health issues as a result of excessive sodium chloride (table salt) consumption. We thereby provide a product that has the potential to save lives. Use your preferred gourmet salt in all of your favorite dishes.

  • All Natural
  • Chemical Free
  • Rich in Minerals
  • Design: Corked Wide Mouth Jar
  • Food Grade Safe

himalayan salt

You can use pink salt as bath salt.

The best bath salt for spa treatments is Himalayan pink salt. It benefits the skin and helps to ease tense muscles.

  • Calm the muscle
  • Reduce Stress
  • Soothe inflamed and itching skin
  • Keep lotion on.

Quality is Our Passion

A large selection of Himalayan salt products are available from Himalayan Chef in a variety of eye-catching and remarkable sizes and packaging. You will be pleased with the quality of our items once you have utilized any of them. Our passion is for quality. We never skimp on any of our products' quality. We consistently stand by our goods. Therefore, if you have a problem with our product. A refund will be provided within 30 days.

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