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Pink Salt Fine Grain Large Glass Shaker - 1.1 lb | HIMALAYAN CHEF

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himiliayan pink salt shaker

Himalayan Pink Salt-Natural Crystal Fine Salt for Cooking & Baking Use, Glass Shaker | Himalayan Chef

Himalayan Chef provides exquisite Himalayan pink salt in a chic glass shaker for use in everyday baking, cooking, and seasoning. Your kitchen and table settings appear elegant with the Himalayan salt shaker. You can utilize it with ease. With three flip-cap settings and small, medium, and large holes, our pink Himalayan salt shaker is ideal for seasoning meals or using in the kitchen. Our glass salt shaker in pink may be simply refilled. Ideal for regular use at home. The sturdy Himalayan salt shaker is the ideal size for your spice rack. To make every dish more delectable and nutritious, Top Chef Choice incorporates unexpected flavors.

How distinct from other salt shakers is our pink Himalayan salt shaker?

  • Rock salt is all-natural.
  • Rich in 84 Vital Nutrients and Essential Minerals
  • Devoid of Any Harmful Chemicals
  • 3 Flip Cap Option
  • Refillable Himalayan Salt Shaker
  • A glass bottle without BPA
  • Fine salt and coarse salt come in two different grain sizes.
  • Size: 17.5 Oz
  • Ideal for Use at the Table and in the Kitchen
pink salt fine shaker

Pure, Natural, Crystallized Rock Salt

The finest gourmet, safe food grade is used by Himalayan Chef, and it is meticulously gathered from the Pakistani foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The benefits of rich vital nutrients and important minerals for human health and wellbeing are well known for pink himalayan salt. Due to its raw, hand-mined nature, pink Himalayan salt is devoid of all additions, preservatives, MSG, and other potentially dangerous substances. The purest rock salt in the world, Himalayan pink salt is 100% natural, non-GMO, halal, and pure.

  • Rich in nutrients and minerals
  • Enjoy Nutritious Food
  • Apply as table salt
  • Superior to regular table salt
  • Without any additives or preservatives
flavored salt

Full Flavors, No Additives and Rich Mineral Contents | Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink salt is a delicious and attractive shade of pink that naturally occurs. A crucial component and common ingredient in many meals is salt. Pink Himalayan salt is mostly sodium chloride, just like ordinary salt. However, pink Himalayan salt has numerous additional minerals and essential nutrients that are not present in conventional table salt thanks to the natural hand-mining technique. The health of humans depends on these minerals. So replace your usual salt with pink Himalayan salt from Himalayan Chef and benefit from its many health advantages.

By utilizing Himalayan salt, you may enhance the flavor and beauty of any cuisine. You can add eggs, shellfish, pork, and chicken right into salads. Without any preparation, Himalayan salt offers food a fresh, crisp flavor. Any dish can be salt just by adding it. Use on veggies to enhance the flavors and give some mean margaritas the finishing touches.

himalayan salt

Pink Himalayan Salt Can be used as Bath Salt For Relaxing and Soothing Muscles

You can also use Himalayan pink salt as bath salt. For a delightful body exfoliation, combine your favorite bath & body soap with pink Himalayan salt. Take a soothing bath with Himalayan salts to soften your skin and ease tight muscles.

  • To significantly improve skin elasticity
  • Long-Lasting Moisturizing Effect and Skin Metabolic Benefits

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