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Pink Salt Coarse Grain Large Glass Shaker - 1.1 lbs | HIMALAYAN CHEF

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himalayan pink salt glass shaker

Pink Himalayan Salt, Coarse Grain, Refillable Glass Shaker- Unique in Design & Delicious in Taste

For everyday use in baking, cooking, and seasoning, Himalayan Chef offers a coarse glass shaker of Himalayan pink salt. Your kitchen and table settings will appear lovely with a Himalayan salt shaker. You can utilize it with ease. It has three flip-cap settings with small, medium, and big holes that are ideal for seasoning food or used in cooking. Our pink salt shaker is a jar that is simple to refill. Ideal for regular indoor and outdoor use. Durable and a wonderful match in your spice rack is our Himalayan salt shaker. The world's purest rock salt, which is 100% natural, pure, halal, non-GMO, and gourmet safe food grade, is used by Himalayan Chef. The rich vital nutrients and key minerals found in pink Himalayan salt are well known for being extremely helpful to human health and wellbeing. Hand-mined salt, pink Himalayan salt is unprocessed. Free of all MSG, preservatives, additives, and other potentially dangerous ingredients.

  • Rich in Minerals
  • Delicious In Taste
  • Enjoy Health Food
  • Size: 17.5 oz
  • Easily Refillable
  • 3 Flip up Caps
  • Bottle: Glass Shaker
  • Use as Cooking Salt, Table Salt & Bath Salt
  • Perfect For Kitchen and Table Setting
  • Available in Safe Food Grade Packaging

coarse salt shaker

Natural Himalayan salt is hand-mined from the Khewra mine in the Pakistani Himalayan Mountains. It is painstakingly hand-selected. The ocean's water once gently evaporated over millions of years, leaving behind stunning naturally crystallized salt. Himalayan pink salt is famous for having 84 trace minerals in it and magnificent colors that range from light white to dark red. This flavored pink salt adds a degree of usefulness that is frequently utilized in cooking and spa tasks.

Your home-made spa treatments look stunning when you use Himalayan Pink Salt. For your upcoming therapeutic endeavor, Himalayan Chef offers the ideal grain sizes, whether you're making exfoliating scrubs or calming bath salt blends. You can easily use it as the ideal bath salt. Take a soothing bath with Himalayan salts to soften your skin and ease tight muscles.

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