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Pink Salt & Chipotle, Large Glass Grinder - 10.5 oz | HIMALAYAN CHEF

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himalayan seasoning grinder

Experience Authentic Flavors with Natural Himalayan Salt Chipotle Pepper

Our Himalayan Salt Chipotle Pepper is a smokey seasoning that mixes the crisp flavor of 100% natural Himalayan pink salt with the earthy pungency of smoked chipotle pepper. It adds excitement to the meal with its rich flavor of toasted pepper. All Himalayan meats and veggies taste wonderful when seasoned with pink salt and chipotle. Our chipotle salt enhances the flavor and nutritional value of your family's regular meals. The Himalayan chipotle seasoning is packaged in a lovely glass spice mill. Now, with the ideal grounds, take pleasure in the natural aroma of Himalayan Chef seasoning every day. Our Chipotle salt is completely natural and free of MSG, artificial flavors, colors, or other fillers or additives.

Himalayan spices are free of fat, calories, and cholesterol and have a low sodium content.

  • 100% Natural Himalayan Spices,
  • Contains 12.5 oz Himalayan Seasoning
  • Perfect for both Kitchen & Table Use
  • Non-GMO, Halal, Vegan-Friendly
  • Free From Preservative, Additives & Any Artificial Colors

 chipotle pepper seasoning

chipotle pepper

Why choose Himalayan Pink Salt Chipotle Pepper Seasoning Grinder?

We don't use sea salt, unlike many other spices that use table salt. Himalayan Chef combines various flavor combinations with Himalayan pink salt. It is hand-mined from the Pakistani foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and is entirely natural. More than 84 minerals that are good for human health can be found in pink salt. We don't use any artificial colors, preservatives, or ingredients in our chipotle salt seasoning. It is offered in a stunning glass grinder. Use delicious and healthful spices to flavor your meals now.

Use a grinder with Himalayan Chef's Chipotle Seasoning for various occasions.

  • At home: The Himalayan spice grinder is simple to use in the kitchen and on the table. Himalayan seasoning can be freshly ground and sprinkled on meals to provide smoky aromas.
  • Himalayan Chef Restaurant You can use pink salt, chipotle pepper, and grinder in your restaurant. It can be used as a rub on meats, poultry, and fish before cooking or roasting, in salad dressings, omelets, or in any egg dishes, pepper sauce, mashed potatoes, dips, salsa, and soups and stews.
  • Outside: Using a Himalayan Chef chipotle grinder for a picnic. It is practical and simple to transport. Use chipotle peppers to prepare a fantastic dish that you can share with your loved ones, family, and friends by adding amazing flavors and aromas.

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