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Pink Salt and Black Pepper Mason Jar Set 5.26 oz | HIMALAYAN CHEF

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salt and pepper shaker

100% Natural Himalayan Pink Salt and Black Pepper By Himalayan Chef

The judge's favorite tasting salt and the finest salt in the entire world is our Himalayan Pink salt. Hand-mined Pink Himalayan salt is naturally occurring, clean, and comes from Pakistan's biggest salt deposit, Khewra. 84 essential minerals and trace elements are abundant in pink salt. It is raw, unrefined salt. Free of any additives, preservatives, and potentially dangerous chemicals. Our Himalayan salt is packaged in a lovely mason jar made of glass. Eat well whenever you want, anyplace. 3.5 ounces of Himalayan salt are contained in our Salt mason jar.

Our peppercorns come from healthy plants in incredibly fertile locations and are sun-dried. Due to the medium size of the berries, pepper has a distinctive flavor. For maximum purity, our pepper is steam sterilized. Minerals like potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, and magnesium are present in excessive amounts. We provide our pepper powder in a mason jar. This lovely Mason jar holds 1.76 oz. Utilize it in your everyday diet to enhance the flavor of each meal.

salt and pepper jar

Flavor Up Your Food with 100% Natural Himalayan Salt and Black Pepper Ground

Many dishes call for salt and pepper. We sell a mason jar set with salt and pepper. Both the Himalayan pink salt and the black pepper are all-natural ingredients. One of the cleanest salts in the entire world is thought to be our pink salt. It gives every dish an amazing flavor boost. Additionally, every meal becomes spicier and tastier thanks to the hot, spicy flavor and fresh perfume of our black pepper powder. So take pleasure in preparing and sharing delectable meals with your family and friends every day. It is simple to utilize on the dining room table. The best salt and pepper shakers for eggs, salads, meat, fish, and other foods.

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