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Body Wash Honey - 16.9 fl oz | NATURAL SOLUTION

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  • LIQUID BODY WASH: Natural Honey Body Wash features an easy, ready-to-use formula, made with care to hydrate your body
  • NATURAL SOLUTION BODY SOAP: No toxic chemicals, artificial colors, SLS, and paraben are added to the body wash.
  • NATURE-INSPIRED FRAGRANCE: Natural honey added to the body wash provides a fresh odor to the wash and moisture to the skin
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Contains pure argan oil and Shea butter that regulate the amount of sebum and gives a smoother, calmer complexion
  • BEST LIQUID BODY WASH: Rich in wheat amino acids for extra care, strengthening and hydrating your skin
  • NATURAL HIMALAYAN SALT: Rich in minerals with natural Himalayan pink salt, soothes and heal your skin by calming skin irritations
  • PUMP BODY WASH: Comes in an easy use pump bottle that is recyclable and can be reused several times
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion. We provide 100% natural products with a 100% money-back guarantee


Experience the ultimate rejuvenation with the WBM-Natural Solution Body Wash – a pinnacle of refreshment after a day on the move. Elevate your return home into a revitalising oasis with this meticulously crafted blend of natural and organic essential oils, paired with enriching botanical extracts. Immerse yourself in the invigorating essence that not only cleanses but also leaves your skin luxuriously soft and impeccably healthy. Unveil a new dawn each day, embracing a sensation of pure freshness and vitality as you embark on your daily journey with skin that radiates wellness.


‘Crafted With Love, In Harmony With Nature’

Embark on a sensory journey as you indulge in the exquisite richness of nature, elegantly encapsulated in every bottle of our Natural Solution Body Wash. Our unwavering commitment lies in the art of harnessing the potent power of natural ingredients, ensuring a skincare experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Immerse your skin in the luxurious goodness it truly deserves with our meticulously crafted shower gel. Sourced directly from nature's bounty, this hydrating elixir doesn't merely cleanse; it lavishes your skin with the nourishment it craves. Envelop yourself in a cocoon of revitalization with each use, emerging not just refreshed, but thoroughly revived and ready to embrace the day with skin that radiates softness, smoothness, and a natural, healthy glow. Elevate your daily ritual and transform your shower into an indulgent escape, embracing the wholesome benefits of our Natural Solution Body Wash.


‘Pure & Natural Honey Extract’

Unlock the unparalleled benefits of honey with every shower experience! Our Natural Body Wash goes beyond ordinary cleansing, as it is meticulously crafted with the enriching essence of pure and natural honey extract – a powerful agent renowned for its exceptional skin-repairing properties. Immerse yourself in the time-tested remedy of honey, celebrated for centuries for its efficacy in addressing various skin concerns, especially dry and irritated skin. This body wash becomes your ultimate solution for achieving a revitalised complexion, embracing your skin in a soothing and healing aura. Indulge in a shower experience that transcends the ordinary, leaving your skin not just cleansed but remarkably soft and smooth at its core. Beyond the magic of honey, our thoughtfully curated blend incorporates additional skin-loving ingredients, ensuring a comprehensive skincare routine within every wash. Elevate your daily self-care ritual with the wholesome benefits of our Natural Body Wash, and let the nurturing properties of nature enhance the radiance of your skin.


‘Rich Mix of Vital Nutrients’

Revitalise and invigorate your skin at the cellular level with the enriching benefits of our natural solution shower gel, powered by a potent blend of 84+ minerals! Imbued with the goodness of Himalayan pink salt, a veritable treasure trove of essential nutrients, this shower gel offers a luxurious and rejuvenating experience for your skin. The salt ions, renowned for their purifying properties, work diligently to cleanse and recharge your cells, fostering optimal skin health. Elevating the exfoliating prowess of the liquid body wash, our infused salt formula ensures that each use unveils a layer of softer, smoother skin. Immerse yourself in the lavish embrace of our Himalayan pink salt-infused shower gel, and let your skin revel in the transformative journey towards unparalleled invigoration.


‘Comforting & Luxurious Foamy Bath’

Make your daily routine with our Liquid Body Wash, indulging yourself in a touch of luxury every day. This foamy bath experience, designed for your everyday hygiene rituals, boasts a gentle formulation that pampers your skin. The luxurious scent envelops you, leaving you refreshed and reinvigorated. Whether winding down after a long day or prepping for a night out, our Liquid Body Wash offers a perfect way to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and self-care.


‘Safe & Chemical-Free’

Our Liquid Body Soap is crafted to be gentle and safe for all skin types. This formula prioritises the use of the purest natural ingredients, eliminating harsh chemicals to ensure no irritation or dryness for anyone using it!

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