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Liquid Hand Wash, Sandalwood & Jasmine - 16.9 fl oz | WBM CARE

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  • Gentle and effective: Liquid Hand Wash features an easy, ready-to-use formula that cleans your hands without drying them out.
  • All-natural: It is made with natural oils and is free of toxic chemicals and artificial colors.
  • Antibacterial: It kills 99.99% of germs, keeping your hands clean and healthy.
  • Pleasant fragrance: It has a natural sandalwood and jasmine fragrance that leaves your hands smelling fresh.
  • Sustainable: It comes in a recyclable pump bottle that can be reused several times.
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee: We are so confident that you will love LIQUID HAND WASH that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
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WBM Care Hand Wash offers a luxurious and effective way to cleanse, hydrate, and soften your hands. It is crafted with a blend of natural ingredients, including Himalayan pink salt, sandalwood, and jasmine essential oils, working together to provide a range of benefits for your skin.

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Key Ingredients:

Himalayan Pink Salt: This natural mineral salt is rich in minerals and antioxidants. It's renowned for its skin-cleansing and detoxifying properties. Additionally, it can help reduce inflammation and enhance circulation.
Sandalwood Essential Oil: Sandalwood oil is known for its calming and relaxing aroma. It also possesses anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.
Jasmine Essential Oil: Jasmine oil has a sweet and floral aroma and is known for its soothing and hydrating effects on the skin. It can also aid in reducing stress and anxiety.

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    Benefits of WBM Care Hand Wash:

    Cleanses and Purifies: Gently removes dirt, oil, and bacteria from your hands, leaving them feeling clean and refreshed.
    Hydrates and Softens: Contains natural ingredients that help hydrate and soften your skin, leaving it smooth and supple.
    Nourishes and Protects: Rich in vitamins and antioxidants to nourish and protect your skin from damage.
    Calms and Relaxes: The natural essential oils in WBM Care Hand Wash help to calm and relax your mind and body.

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      Additional Features:

      Chemical-Free: Free from harsh chemicals, sulfates, and parabens.
      Cruelty-Free and Vegan: Not tested on animals and suitable for vegans.
      Suitable for All Skin Types: Including sensitive skin.


        WBM Care Hand Wash is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can return it for a full refund.

        Experience the difference with WBM Care Hand Wash and enjoy the benefits it provides for your skin and well-being.

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