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Liquid Hand Wash, Honey - 13.5 fl oz | NATURAL SOLUTION

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  • LIQUID HAND WASH: Liquid Hand Wash, Honey features an easy, ready-to-use formula that provides a dual intensive repair to hand washing
  • NATURAL SOLUTION HAND SOAP: No toxic chemicals, artificial colors, SLS, and paraben are added to the hand wash.
  • NATURE-INSPIRED FRAGRANCE: Organic lavender oil, in the hand soap, creates an exhilarating experience in washing, hydrating your skin
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Contains pure jojoba oil and coconut oil that avoids pore-clogging and hydrates dry, itchy hands
  • BEST LIQUID HAND SOAP: Rich in natural vitamins and amino acids for extra care, strengthening your skin
  • NATURAL HIMALAYAN SALT: Rich in minerals with natural Himalayan pink salt, soothes and heal your skin by calming skin irritations
  • PUMP HAND SOAP: Comes in an easy use pump bottle that is recyclable and can be reused several times
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion. We provide 100% natural products with a 100% money-back guarantee

    hand soap

    Introducing natural solution liquid hand wash!

    Tired of harsh chemicals stripping your hands of their natural oils? Ditch the dryness and experience the gentle power of nature with Natural Solution Hand Wash. Crafted with nutrient-rich honey and plant-based cleansers, our liquid soap effectively removes dirt and debris while leaving your skin soft, smooth, and subtly scented. Embrace the luxurious lather and invigorating honey aroma. Natural Solution Hand Wash is more than just clean – it's a pampering experience for your hands and a conscious choice for the planet. Natural Solution for the hand wash that does it all. Clean, soft, fragrant, and gentle on your skin and the earth. Give your hands the love they deserve.

    Hand soap

    Natural Solution liquid hand wash is perfect for you!

    Get rid of the dryness. Natural Solution Honey Hand Wash is more than just clean—it's a sensory escape for your hands. This gentle formula, crafted with nature's finest, puts away dirt and leaves your skin silky smooth and delicately scented with a hint of summer sweetness. Best for all skin types, even the most delicate, this soap revives your skin and mood with every wash. Pamper your entire family with this natural, ethically sourced gem. Just remember, little bees need a grown-up's guidance!

    Hand soap

    Himalayan pink salt soothing and hydrating Hand Soap

    Imagine scaling the majestic Himalayas, their pink peaks bathed in golden sunlight. Now, hold that feeling in your hands with Himalayan Pink Salt. 84 precious minerals soothe away irritation, banish dryness, and calm redness. Experience deep purification that respects your skin's natural balance. Emerge transformed, with a radiant glow born from the heart of the mountains.

    Liquid hand soap

    Clean your hands with our ultimate blend of natural treasures!

    Honey Hand Wash:

    Get out of the dryness, embrace the Natural Solution Honey Hand Wash lathers with nature's finest: nourishing honey, sun-kissed citrus, and calming lavender. It washes away dirt and grime, leaving your hands silky smooth and delicately scented with a hint of summer sweetness. Gentle on all skin types, even the most delicate, this liquid gold is perfect for home, office, or hospital use.

    Himalayan Pink Salt Hand Wash:

    Unleash the ancient power of the Himalayas! Natural Solution's Pink Salt Hand Wash boasts 84 mineral marvels to soothe irritation, banish dryness, and calm redness. It deeply purifies without stripping natural moisture, leaving your skin healthy, radiant, and kissed by the Himalayas. Gentle enough for everyone, it's perfect for schools, toilets, and hospitals.

    Organic Hand Soap:

    Choose clean, that's kind! Natural Solution Organic Hand Soap harnesses the power of nature's potent botanicals to cleanse effectively and refresh gently. This kid-friendly, adult-approved formula locks in moisture, keeping your hands soft and smooth wash after wash. The convenient pump bottle makes hygiene a breeze, perfect for any setting.

    Natural hand soap

    Natural hand wash is a must-have for any household.

    With Natural Solution, you do more than just get rid of dirt – you shield yourself and loved ones with nature's gentle might. Our plant-powered formula cleans effectively, respecting every skin type in your family, from fragile to tough. Crafted with responsibly sourced ingredients, free from harsh chemicals and cruelty, Natural Solution is a choice for both healthy hands and a healthy planet. We believe in ethical practices and sustainable harvests, so you can feel good about lathering up with goodness that goes beyond the sink.

    This honey liquid transforms your routine into a ritual of care, leaving hands silky smooth and delicately scented with summer's warmth. Make Natural Solution your partner in conscious clean, because clean hands and a clean conscience shine brightest together.

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