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Salt Light Bulb Dimmable, 40 Watt | HIMALAYAN GLOW

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  • Patent Design Himalayan salt bulb Emits a warm amber glow for a calming ambiance in any room.
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp Dimmable led bulb, Fits any Table Lamp Fixture, A19 Led Salt Light Bulb. UL Approved for Safety
  • Now Convert any fixture to salt lamp. The simplicity and beauty of a natural salt lamp was simplified further into a salt light bulb, filled with crystals of Himalayan Salt.
  • works same as salt lamp. Safe to leave on for periods of time without overheating, like any other LED bulb and the salt will not degrade or melt
  • Just like a sunset in your room. Now you can make any room, place to warm cosy.Can be used on any standard fixture with or without a dimmer feature

WBM Himalayan Salt Lamp, Light Bulb

The Edison Light Bulb is meticulously designed with a dimmable exposed filament, granting you the freedom to craft the perfect ambiance. Whether you choose to use it with or without lampshades or fixtures, this bulb effortlessly infuses vintage style into any lighting setting. To enhance your experience, it comes in shatter-proof packaging, ensuring the bulbs remain intact during shipping and storage.

Mood Lighting Night Light and Modern Salt Lamp in the Same Room:

The WBM Nightlight bulb is thoughtfully crafted with a dimmable exposed filament, allowing you to curate the ideal atmosphere. With or without lampshades or fixtures, it seamlessly integrates vintage style into any lighting environment. This bulb complements architectural restoration projects and conceptual spaces, imparting not only light but also a vintage charm and a warm radiance to your decor. Like its Edison counterpart, it arrives in shatter-proof packaging to safeguard the bulbs during transit and storage.

Patent Design LED Salt Light Bulb:

WBM's salt bulb can be used within a desk lamp, offering an awe-inspiring soft glow that creates the desired atmosphere. We wholeheartedly recommend it to salt lamp enthusiasts—it's the perfect gift for those who love salt lamps!

Perfect Glow:

WBM LED bulbs are simply perfect! You'll adore the gentle, warm glow they emit. Placing one by your bedside is an ideal choice. It provides enough light to read by at night without the harshness of a white light bulb. Another one in your living room would be just as perfect!

Mood Lighting Salt Lamp Bulb:

These bulbs are exquisite and a must-have! They emit a very soft, warm, slightly pink-tinged light that's absolutely breathtaking. It completely transforms the atmosphere, and everyone who enters your home will comment on the beauty of the light.

Suitable for Nightlight:

These bulbs exceed expectations in both beauty and functionality. They emit a sufficiently bright yet gentle light, not harsh on the eyes. Being LED, they remain cool to the touch. These sturdy bulbs are perfect for creating ambient light in a bedroom if you prefer to sleep with some light. They emit a warm glow that won't keep you awake but will allow you to move around the room safely. They're a much safer option than candles, with a similar ambiance.

Nice Soft and Warm Lighting Effect:

I use these in my office for a unique lighting effect. They provide a warm orange glow. They have a fair amount of salt inside, and the LED bulb doesn't generate enough heat to cause issues. There are openings on top of the salt light bulbs that dissipate the heat, ensuring the bulbs remain safe and cool. They look cool and serve as a nightlight.


  • Power Consumption: 7W
  • Power Factor: PF > 0.9
  • Lamp Base: E26
  • Color Temperature: 2300K
  • Lamp Life: 30,000hrs
  • Dimmable light bulb

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