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Horse Licking Salt - 5 lbs | HIMALAYAN NATURE

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  • Himalayan Nature Salt Block Mined From Ancient Deposits Deep in the Himalayas, These Rock Salt Licks Contain Many of the Valuable Minerals Your Animal Needs For a Healthy, Nutrient-Balanced Diet
  • Himalayan Salt For Horses, Goats, Sheep and other Farm Animals Delivers a Long List of Naturally Occurring Trace Minerals and Electrolytes to Your Animal's Diet in a Safe all Natural Rock Salt Block
  • One of The Benefits of the Consumption of Rock salt Licks is, it makes Animal Thirsty Which Encourages Them to Drink more Water and Stay Hydrated
  • Himalayan Nature Salt Block is Resistant to Rain and biting, so they will Last Longer. This Mineral Salt Lick is Suitable for All Types of Livestock
  • Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority, if for any Reason You Feel Our Salt Block is Not For You, We Offer a 30-Day Money Back

    Salt Block

    Himalayan Nature Animal Licking Salt

    Crafted from the pristine heart of the Himalayas, Himalayan Nature's Horse Salt Block isn't just a mineral lick, it's a testament to love for your equine companion. Say goodbye to brittle, easily gnawed salt licks. The high density of this pure Himalayan rock salt resists breakage and biting, standing strong against the elements. It's the purest form of salt available, safe to leave out for your horse to savor whenever the craving strikes. More than just satisfying a natural instinct, these salt blocks help replenish electrolytes, combat boredom, and keep your horse feeling their best.

    At Himalayan Nature, we understand the unique bond between horse and owner. Your four-legged friend isn't just an animal, they're a cherished member of the family, another heartbeat in your herd. That's why we pour our passion into crafting quality horse supplies, each one designed to enrich their lives and care for their every need.

    Himalayan Pink Salt

    100% Natural and Pure Pink Salt

    Himalayan Nature's Pink Himalayan Salt Lick. This wonder has sodium chloride and bursting with 84 trace minerals, is the purest pink salt available, untouched by chemicals or additives. For millions of years, nature has preserved this treasure, waiting to nourish your cherished herd. Gone are the days of crumbling salt bricks. This high-density Himalayan rock salt lick stands strong against nibbles and the elements, offering a long-lasting source of vital minerals. It's not just pure – it's irresistible. Our experience whispers a secret: horses adore the distinct taste of Himalayan salt, making this the perfect option for their innate need for salt intake. More than just a treat, these salt blocks replenishing lost electrolytes, combating boredom, and keeping your animals thriving. From horses and sheep to goats, cattle, and even deer, the benefits of Himalayan salt extend far and wide. It's a simple way to show your herd you care, ensuring they have access to nature's bounty whenever the craving calls.

    Brick Salt


  • Calming Cravings, Calming Minds: Watch nervous behaviors like constant licking and fence chewing fade as your animals satisfy their natural salt cravings with Himalayan Nature's Pink Himalayan Salt Lick. Peace and serenity reign in the pasture.
  • Inner Glow, Outer Strength: From the pure heart of the Himalayas comes a wellness boost for your herd. Himalayan Salt's 84 trace minerals fuel a robust immune system, ready to tackle any challenge.
  • Nature's Bounty, Bountiful Milk: Witness the joy of overflowing udders thanks to the natural electrolyte replenishment of Himalayan salt. Nurture your animals and nourish your land, one salty lick at a time.
  • Shine from Within, Radiate Without: Your animals will be turning heads with the healthy gleam of Himalayan salt's mineral magic. Silky, lustrous fur becomes a testament to your love and care.
  • A Heartbeat of Health, a Pinch of Nature: Potassium, the king of heart health, dances within every grain of Himalayan salt. Let your horses lick their way to a stronger, happier stride, hoofbeat by hoofbeat.

    Licking Salt

    Beyond a Lick: Boredom Busters and Nourishing Replenishment in Every Bite:

    Imagine your horse, gazing across the pasture, a flicker of ennui in their eyes. The sun hangs high, and the day stretches long. But wait! There, nestled near the fence, awaits a hidden treasure – a Himalayan salt block. More than just a source of essential minerals, these salty jewels become boredom busters, transforming grazing time into a delightful exploration. Each lick unlocks a symphony of flavors, the unique taste of ancient minerals arousing curiosity. The satisfying crunch keeps them occupied, chasing away the monotony of long days. Yet, beneath the playful gnawing lies a deeper purpose. Every bite replenishes lost electrolytes, the vital spark that keeps your horse energized and thriving.

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