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Automatic Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser | WBM SMART


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  • The touch-free dispenser is equipped with infrared motion sensor, the soap dispenser will release hand soap automatically when the sensor detects your hands.
  • The automatic soap dispenser capacity is 500Ml. Don’t overfill the dispenser.
  • Best new way to wash your hands is by using a touch less soap dispenser. No dripping or trailing, no waste soap.
  • The dispensing volume can adjusted in 1 to 5 sequence by pushing the + or – sign.
  • Perfect for your bathroom, kitchen, coffee bar, hotel.

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Develop Healthy Handwashing Habits with WBM SMART Automatic Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser:

Make your hand hygiene routine with the WBM SMART Automatic Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser—a touch-free marvel designed to cultivate good habits of handwashing. Harnessing advanced infrared motion sensor technology, this dispenser intuitively releases hand soap when it detects your hands, promoting a hygienic and hands-free experience.

Encourage the development of healthy habits with the adjustable dispensing volume feature, allowing you to tailor the amount of soap released in a 1 to 5 sequence. The dispenser's 520ml capacity ensures a lasting supply, minimizing interruptions in your commitment to cleanliness.

Say goodbye to wasteful practices with the best new way to wash your hands—no dripping, no trailing. The touchless operation not only enhances convenience but also serves as a daily reminder to prioritize hand hygiene. Perfect for your bathroom, kitchen, coffee bar, or hotel, the sleek design seamlessly integrates into your space, making cleanliness a stylish and effortless pursuit.

Upgrade your handwashing routine with the WBM SMART Automatic Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser, fostering good habits that align with a modern, health-conscious lifestyle. Embrace innovation, efficiency, and a touch of elegance in every drop.

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User-Friendly Usage Instructions:

  • Power Up Easily:- Insert 4 AA alkaline batteries into the designated compartment for quick and convenient power.
  • Optimal Capacity:- With a generous 520ml capacity, ensure a continuous supply of soap without frequent refills.
  • Avoid Overfilling:- Prevent spills and maintain efficiency by ensuring not to overfill the dispenser.
  • Adjustable Dispensing Levels:- Customize your handwashing experience with the adjustable 5 levels. Push the + or – sign to find your perfect soap volume.
  • Low Battery Alert:- Stay ahead of power needs. The dispenser features a low battery alert to notify you when it's time for a battery change.
  • Red Light Indicator:- A convenient red light signals low battery, ensuring you are aware of the power status at a glance.

Experience the seamless functionality of the WBM SMART Automatic Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser, designed with your convenience and peace of mind in mind. Enjoy a touch-free, customized handwashing experience with the assurance of smart features and user-friendly operation.

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Simple Hand Placement:

Effortlessly activate the WBM SMART Automatic Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser by placing your hand under the sensor. Enjoy a touch-free and hygienic handwashing experience with just a wave of your hand.

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