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Pink Salt Round Cooking and Serving Plate

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  • SALT COOKING PLATE: Himalayan Chef Cooking Plate is made from 100% natural Himalayan Pink salt mined from the Himalayan Mountains
  • FOR A GRILL: Place your salt block on the grate. If using a charcoal grill, the coals on one side and place the block on the other side to expose it to less direct heat. If using a gas grill, start the heat as low as you would with a gas range
  • BBQ grill: Himalayan Chef Pink Salt Round Cooking and Serving Plate generally have an extremely low amount of porosity and practically no leftover moisture. Our salt plates can be safely heated or chilled to great extremes and can sustain temperature effectively up to 500F
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Salt Plate contains a high quantity of trace minerals that impart a more mild and full taste to the salt and by extension, more flavor complexity to your food
  • AVAILABLE SIZES: Our salt cooking plates are available in these dimensions 4’’x8’’x1’’,4’’x8’’x2’’,6’’x6’’x1’’,8’’x8’’x2’’,8’’x16’’x2’’,8’’x12’’x2’’and 8’’x16’’x2’’
  • GRILLING AND SERVING PLATTER: While offering an amazing way to grill the food, Himalayan Chef Salt Cooking Block also works as a decorative serving platter

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