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Black Pepper Whole Small Glass Grinder - 1.7 oz | HIMALAYAN CHEF

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Himalayan Chef Black Pepper Grinder-1.76 oz

Himalayan Chef Black Pepper Grinder-1.76 oz

One of the greatest peppercorns on the market is Himalayan Chef Black Pepper. Our peppercorns have a single flavor because of their medium-sized berries. The fruit of the Piperaceae family's black pepper plant, pepper, is harvested by hand by skilled farmers in Pakistan's foothills of the Himalayan highlands. Chefs from all over the world use Himalayan black pepper because of its distinctive flavor and heat. Both medicine and flavoring have been utilized with peppers.

  • Whole black peppercorns of the highest quality.
  • For all of your cooking needs, ideal.
  • A pepper grinder is ideal for the kitchen and dining room.
  • Simple Grinder-Twist the grinder after removing the cap.

These peppercorns are from where? From indigenous producers in Pakistan's Himalayan areas, Himalayan peppercorns are naturally obtained, grown, harvested, and cared for with the utmost integrity and knowledge.

Does it taste good? Will the flavor of these peppercorns be stronger? The Himalayan Chef peppercorn grinder would be your favorite if you enjoy strong flavors! makes your meals more tasty and adds excellent taste to meats, veggies, soups, and seafood.

Is it a pepper mill that can be refilled? It is the reloadable glass pepper grinder, yes.

Can you change the entire peppercorns' size? Yes, you can change the size from coarse to fine with ease.

Are the spices from Himalayan Chef kosher-approved? Yes, the spices from the Himalayan Chef are OU Kosher certified.

Has it been preserved in any way, such as with sulfite? No, there aren't any artificial colors, preservatives, fillers, anti-caking agents, or MSG in Himalayan black peppercorns. Enjoy the actual richness of tastes while giving your family a meal that is devoid of the synthetics and chemicals that are present in pre-made, store-bought blends.

How many sizes are there in the grinder for whole peppercorns? There are two sizes available. 1.76 and 6.35 ounces

How long can the quality be maintained? To keep your spices fresh, cover the tops of the spice mills with elegant smudge-proof lids. won't permit moisture inside the containers, as many grinders do, preventing clumping or staleness of your spices.

Can we send the item back? Since customer satisfaction is our first priority, we are willing to accept a return.

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